I don't typically post stuff like this but I thought it'd be fun and help kill some time that I actually have-spare time, what is this?-before I go out to ride. Got the text yesterday, going out on another group adventure to the berry patch. ;) Red-man's ready for some work. Anywho, riding at 1 and it's 9 now, and freeezzzinggggg. It's supposed to be up in the mid 50's by 1 but it's still in the 30's now so crossing my fingers for nice weather-if it doesn't work, I have a coat in the van, lol!

The other day when I was scrolling through Yahoo Answers, looking for info on some boots for Spirit, I saw someone ask, and I quote, "Wut do I ware to horseback ridding" so of course I clicked it and of course I was disappointed. Of course I slammed my face in the keyboard.

Everyone was giving random ideas, for instance, "Just wear breeches and tall boots" uh,  not everyone can afford breeches on their first horseback riding outing, and I doubt anyone will want breeches when they are going to a horse rental place for a trail ride before they decide if they want lessons-which is her excuse, apparently. So I scrolled down and thought, well, at least that is something that you could wear. "Wear shorts, a t-shirt and cowboy boots" was the next answer. I have something to say. I once rode my horse in shorts. The next day, my legs were so sore and chaffed I thought I may die. My excuse was, "it's too hot!"and I suppose it was hot, but I still could've wore thin pants or something with boots. Listen, guys, if you see a "cowgirl" running around in fake boots and shorts, you know one of two things,
  1. She's a fake wanna-be who likes to look "cute" and pick-up cowboys.
  2. She's going on a rental horse trail ride before she decides if she wants to become an Equestrian.
Listen, I TOTALLY think you should ride somehow before you decide to take lessons because hey, lessons are expensive. But not really that way. ;)

One person, bless them, finally posted, "Wear jeans that aren't too tight and don't chaff. Wear boots with a slight heel, if you don't have them, tennis shoes. Preferably boots. Depending on weather, either wear a long sleeved shirt or a t-shirt, doesn't matter. Try to pack gloves that aren't too thick so the reins don't blister your hands." and I was like. God. Bless. You.

After a year of riding, I realized that even though I don't take lessons, board at a fancy barn or show, my apparel really is important for safety reasons if nothing else. For instance, I started wearing gloves last week after almost killing my poor finger that was blistered by reins, freezing cold and also I kind of ran it into a branch and ouch. Before that, I made sure all of my boots went up to my calf because on trails, my legs can take a beating from branches, trees or just Red running it into a stinking metal fence post and me being the horseowner that I am and wedging my leg over there so HE doesn't get hurt. ;) I invested in jeans that were actually made for trail riders or rodeo people so I don't murder my poor legs and it's not embarrassing for me to get on my horse because the waistline goes way down or I can't bend my knee high enough to get on my tall horse. I also realized that necklaces aren't a smart idea.....hm.

An English rider told me the other day that I dressed nicer at the barn than most Western riders have seen. In her words, "You actually wear boots and pants instead of shorts." Not to say all Western riders dress horribly or all English riders dress nice but let's be honest, they typically look nicer.

My inspiration for this post may-or-may-not be from me being really excited to FINALLY wear my pretty Ariat trail boots.
Yay! :D


  1. Those are some Nice boots, girl! = )

  2. Ya, once I got a horse, I realize that some of the stuff that is apart of the "cowboy" or "cowgirl" outfit, are actually necessary (and practical) things you need when riding or being around a horse. You can't ride in big rubber boots- that's why there are cowboy boots. And you diffidently can't ride in shorts- that's why you always see cowboys and farmers in jeans.

    Thanks for this post Kalin, I liked it! = )

    1. Oh yes! Totally agree. I wear a TON of long sleeved shirts even in the Summer because I don't want to get sunburned and etc. That stuff is important!

  3. I really can't stand the people that walk around in cowboy boots and hats, yet never touched an animal before. I see at the stores they are selling fake, cheap imitation boots now. It's the latest fad.

    1. Ohh yessss...."Where'd you get those boots" "Oh, Target!" :P