Let there be cowgirls.

Let there be cowgirls for every cowboy
Make them strong as any man, Lordy
Something you can't tame,
She's a mustang.

As I posted about earlier, we went on a ride with the whole group today around 1'ish. Got there and everyone was already tacked up so I was thankful that Red was already stalled. ;) He was chillin' out, next to Annabelle. I didn't see him at first because he wasn't in his normal stall. I asked A about it and she said she had to move him because Annabelle won't eat unless he's next to her. :) Apparently she paces, whinnies, paws, until Red moseys in. She put him in his normal stall yesterday and she said she refused to stop but she noticed that when Red had to move towards her stall to get in his, she stopped, so she tried putting him in Jericho's normal stall, next to Annabelle, and sure enough, she quieted on down and ate her food! Red seems to take in the outcasts, haha!!

Picked his hooves, stretched his legs, brushed, sprayed and tacked up. He stood like a good boy in the stall so I didn't have to tie him. Worked on mounting for a few minutes since I ended up being the second one done and we had to wait for A, C and mom. Mom was really nervous this morning because of her last ride with Spirit, which was horrid. She left the barn feeling awful because she had to get stern with him and he was just horrid in general. She ended up finding an old friend of ours who got into horses because of her and got to talking to him. He said he had a horse just like Spirit and he ended up having to use spurs, just to graze along his stomach, and those bumper spurs helped like, amazingly, so mom tried it today. Let's just say Spirit was a saint. ;)

Mom was giving some a thumbs up? LOL.
 We got out of the barn and went straight to the fruit and berry patch. Like always, Red came alive as soon as he was outside and got to trottin' to the entry way. There's nothing that gives me more pleasure than to see my horse excited to go out and have some fun with me. Seriously. Before, he hated it. I felt like I was just forcing him to do everything and he didn't want to. Now, he sees the saddle and I swear his eyes brighten. He has a job and he likes it. 

I have more photos but I haven't had a chance to upload them, so you'll have to enjoy my rambling with a little less photos and I'll post the others when I get a chance tonight. 

We went to the patch, Annabelle and Lady took the lead while Red was on the side with his women. ;) A and mom stuck to each other since Spirit seems to like Patches a lot-figures-and they lagged behind. Spirit always does better away from home, so he was acting good now. Hooves are perfect again and we're still wondering if he needs shoes. He's not acting bad at all anymore. We have him on some kind of hoof medicine and it's helping so time shall tell. We'd rather him be barefoot. Don't want him to feel bad though.

After some riding around in the trails, we went to the pond area. Annabelle and AM jumped a few haybales and logs that were sitting there, Spirit did some "barrel racing" with the haybales and Red ate some hay, LOL. I did, however, get him to cross the log with a little hop. He wants to be an English horse. (And I may or may not be trying to find an english saddle!) After some fun around there, we took off to the prettier trails.

 Where we found a birthday bag and party hat so of course I put it on Red's head but then he shook it off before I had a chance to take a photo :( Darn you, eeyore.

After that....we went to the corn maze. :O

Which I have more video of but stupid Instagram only let's me post 15 seconds at a time, so more to come! ;) Ignore my voice. LOL.

We got lost in there for a minute...so we just ran straight through the corn. ;) Once we were out we said hello to the goats. One of them got out so A was like, "go herd it with Red!" since ya know, he was a cattle horse ;) So I was like, okay, and took off. Yeah. We herded it back in the pen. ;) No kidding, he knew exactly what to do.

Ran into a few people this time but not many. A few took videos and photos of/with us. Red hammed it up and did his kiss trick with one of the little girls ;) He listened to her better than me... At one point we passed a hayride and one of the little kids saw the Appaloosa's and said, "OH MY WORD LOOK AT THOSE THOSE ARE SO COOL I WANT ONE OF THOSE IT'S LIKE A DALMATION PONY!!!" Apparently, the black, chestnut and Bay horse's are not as cool. ;)

Once we were done in there, we went out to our farm again and we on the trails to the 10 acres. We rode around in there for awhile and I got mom to take some photos. ;)

And now. Proof that I DO canter!!!

(this is a trot but working into a canter)
At one point, I got him to do a slight cantering pirouette. Obviously not a full-fledged dressage move but it was good enough. I wish we got a video. :/ I really want to pick up an English saddle eventually to try it out...

Since we've gotten so far with the whole trot thing and getting him to even it out, I'm starting canter work. I want a sleek, fancy canter and I think he has the potential to do it, as you can see in the photos. I did a lot of hill work today since it was so cool and he wasn't even sweating or acting like he lacked any kind of energy. Raced Annabelle a few times as well ;)

Once we were done, I went in the stall and mom and I got some photos that we had been meaning to do FOREVER.

And I worked on some of our tackless stuff.

I laid on him tackless for a few minutes in the stall before we had to clean up our stuff and head out. I love this guy.


  1. Looks like you had a good horse day. = ) I love your goofy pictures. That's a fun idea! ; )
    I also LOVE your cantering pictures! You guys look great!

    1. Thanks!! Now if only I would stop holding my saddle, lol!!!

    2. Habits get hard to break fast ;) Try holding the end of your reins with your other hand, back where you'd hold onto the saddle, then slowly work on bringing it forward. If you get an english saddle, you'll stop that fast lol.

  2. Sounds like a fun time! Love the photos :)

  3. Ok. The corn maze looks like too much fun! I want to join you! = )

    1. Come right over, I'll be back tomorrow lol!

    2. Sounds good! I'll be there! = ) lol
      Wish I could! ; )

  4. You are looking awesome! Great job on the canter!