Update on Chip

Read the last post if you don't know what's going on......

Since the guy doesn't know us, therefor he doesn't know we have attachment to Chip, we sent him this letter:
Oh my goodness, just saw your ad for the appaloosa! He is just beautiful! Could you tell me more about him? How long have you owned him and does he have any bad habits?
I am interested! Is there any way that you would take less for him? I am really looking to spend around $500 on a horse. Oh, and does he come with anything like a bridle?
Thanks so much!

And going to see if we can save old Chipa-doodle.......wish us luck. Can't spend tons of money but we will NOT let him go to an auction!


  1. Wouldn't want him going to an auction. That's not the place to buy and sell horses.

  2. HOpefully you can get him! Interested to know what the guy says back!

  3. Chip is such a cute name! I hope you can help him!

  4. Woah u guys would have 4 horses! That's awesome!

    1. Yeah, we'd rehome Chip! We can hardly handle the three we have now, lol. Plus Spirit needs to be ridden at least twice a week and so would Chip, so Red would be put on the back burner which I won't let happen...then I honestly wouldn't be able to handle either of them, especially Chip because he has horrible issues.