Because I'm worth it.

So. So, so, so. After dealing with my teeny tiny but oh so gorgeous, 14 inch, saddle for over a year, I've decided that a new one is mandatory. Okay, so my mom did. At first, I was like, "yeah it'd be nice to have a bigger one..." But then I was like, "but my saddle is so pretty" and "It fits Red so well" and "it matches all of  my tack!" plus I hate, hate, hate selling saddles. Because of the economy, awesome and expensive saddles like my own aren't going for very much anymore. But anyways, after mom hopping on a fully-tacked up Red, she decided that her butt could barely fit in it and that I should stop torturing myself with the saddle-we're the same size-and get a 15 inch. For my mom to say, "listen, you need to buy a new one" you know I really, really need a new one. She's the one that has to rein me in-no pun intended, okay, a little bit-from spending every penny on tack because I really don't need new tack, other than a saddle, apparently. And I was super tempted to find a cheaper English saddle just for fun. But if I buy a new Western saddle, an English saddle is out of the market for awhile longer. But ya know, I'm a Western rider. Always will be. So I had to put my ducks in a row and decide which was more important.  Western won, as always.

So I searched Craigslist to see how much they were going for. Ended up finding CHIP on craigslist, that feisty Appaloosa that we owned for two days. Long story short, the guy that Chip was sold to-not by us, we gave him back because we just couldn't handle three-at the time-horses!-ended up lying like crazy on the ad about Chip!! yeah. So annoyed. So A called, complained and told him off. Gonna see what we can do....ugh.

Anyways, I continued my search after discussing the above matter with A, then came across an ad for a saddle, priced at $140. I was like, "Meh, this isn't going to be nice." but I ended up clicking it for some reason and really liked it.

 I mean, obviously it isn't as nice as mine. But the seat is realllllyyyy nice, I love high backs! And it has the snakeskin detailing like my saddle does, so all of the stuff I got to match that will still match. The front of the saddle seems to be very matte like leather or unfinished, so if I buy this one, I'll probably paint it to make it fancier.

 There are some things I don't like about it, but I think after a good cleaning and some paint it'll be gorgeous. Here are some paint ideas, if I get it-
Excuse the quality. Of course the black would be red.

Yeah, this is an award saddle, but I like the design on the leg. Maybe some writing? I think it would be cute to have his name somewhere..
Could also do some stencil work on it. I wouldn't do the barrel racer, but maybe something else
The zebra is too tacky for me-pun intended this time...-but I like the idea.

 We shall see what happens! :)


  1. Dooooooooooooon't paint it. Just clean it and oil oil oil!

  2. Agreed! Don't paint it! Get some good leather conditioner and get to work but don't paint it...

  3. It'll look nice once its oiled up a little. :)

  4. Looks almost identical to my bff's barrel saddle! I am sure with some cleaning and lots of oil it will look great! I agree, no paint :)