Grace & Glory-Guest post!

This is the story on how I got my horse, Glory. One day I came home from a horse camp, and my mom said there was a horse that we might look out. I freaked out at the very thought. I was originally looking at a flea-bitten quarter horse. And I just went all out at the option of owning a horse. Since I was 2, I have had a love for horses. So, I started studying. I studied about the gaits, colors, I watched tons of videos. Then our friend called (the one who found Glory) about her. She got off the phone  and we made plans to see her!!!!!

 I remember how I felt when I jumped out of the car. I walked to the barn where she stood. Her mane touching her shoulders, her beautiful Jet-black hair shined. I was instantly in love. When I got to ride her, I felt like I was riding on a cloud.
The man talked told us everything about her... After we left, our friends let us borrow all the stuff we needed to own a horse until we got it ourselves.

We called the man a few days after he accepted our offer, but in the end, he gave her to us for free! He wanted to bless the owner. If we didn't take her, she would have become a broodmare in Indiana. Which to me, is NOT a fun life for a horse.

A week and one day later we got her. We went to the vet to get her vaccines and met the guy there. She was a beautiful horse to me. We drove to our house shortly after. We have a hitching post that I was so excited to use. So right when she came out I brought her over and did a slip knot. She then reached down the eat a bite (my mom and the man were inside). She came up and the lead rope went over her head. It was tight and I tried to get it off.... Then she panicked. She backed up with so much force that the lead rope broke. She  half reared and flung her head up, her eyes were rolling. My dad went crazy just because he's not a horse person and wants me to be careful. He yelled stop or something like that. I jumped up and grabbed her halter and started sobbing. The minute I got my horse I was already scaring her. I felt awful. I still didn't feel like she was mine.  When the man drove out of our long driveway she froze. She stood and just stared at the trailer, it broke my heart. When the trailer was out of sight I reached to her and hugged her, whispering, "you are mine" and started sobbing with happiness.

The rest of the day I was afraid to lead her or anything. I felt like I would hurt or scare her. The next day that was completely gone.

Glory is now living wonderfully with me and my family. She follows me around everywhere and nickers to me every time I go up to see her. I love her beyond words. She is now much more beautiful to me. She is a perfect fit.
(Note: She was switching hands with the crop and fixing her reins, so they weren't that uneven, lol)

 I had to shorten this by a lot and I still hope it's not too long. Here are a few things about her:

Full name : Glory Bear
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Gender: Mare
Dislikes: Getting her front hooves picked!
Likes: You scratching a part of her mane above her withers.
Thank you for reading. We have a much longer story though :)
-Grace H.
One more sneak peek for the new guest post coming up on Www.Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com, featuring Glory Bear and her owner, @Grace Harrub !!!
Sneak peek of my newest guest post for Www.Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com. All about this beautiful Rocky Mountain mare, Glory Bear! Follow her owner on Instagram- Glorybear13, on Pinterest @Grace Harrub and on her blog, www.eyesupheelsdown.blogspot.com! Look out for the post, coming up tonight!
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Blog: EyesUpHeelsDown.blogspot.com 

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  1. Beautiful mare! I love hearing how people got their first horse.