Six months.

Thought I'd do a little comparing post while watching Black Beauty and see how Red's changed in six months. Our one year anniversary is coming up-should i buy him flowers??-and so I'll post something better soon, but til' then..

Obviously, those are from February! Now, onto this month. I'll try to do similar poses/sides so it's easier to compare..
Compare to the first photo.

Compare to second photo.

Compare to second photo.

Compare to third photo!

Compare to third photo.

Do you see all of the differences?? What do you think the largest one is?? I personally think it's his build and color change..he's not as dark brown as he used to be-even last July with the summer coat he was a dull, darker brown-and he's more copper'y..Then of course the mane difference..


  1. I think it would be easier to tell if he wasn't wearing tack.

    1. That's what I was thinking. Need to go out and do some good conformation pictures after he's all washed and groomed.

  2. His coat has definitely changed a lot :-) Especially if you are comparing the 1st and last photos.