Thought I'd do a horse tag! Someone emailed me and asked if I'd do one and even though I'm far from a Youtube'r I thought it'd be fun. :)

This or That

1. Western or english?

   I ride and love Western, but I definitely love English as well, so both.
2. colorful tack or classic?
     Colorful, but tasteful!
3. Bareback or with a saddle?
     Depends on how much time I have,how hot or cold it is, what I'm doing.
4. Stock horse or sport horse?
       Stock. :)

5. Greenie or push button?
     I like the in between's. I don't want a super lazy horse or a horrible, bucker. :))
6. Ring work or trail?
7. Shod or barefoot?
8. Local county fair or rated show?
    Neither :)
9. Recreational or competitive?
10. Chestnut or bay?
Your Opinion On…
11. Racing?
     Not a big fan on it, I've seen far too many horses injured permanently.
12. Drugging? (for non medical purposes)
     Horses shouldn’t be drugged for reasons that are not medical.
13. Proper age to start a horse?
     Depends on the breed. For Quarters and etc, I think 3 or 4 is fine. For Walkers and etc, 5 or 6.

14. Natural horsemanship?
     Love it!!!
15. breed debates?
Have You Ever?
16. Cantered bareback?
17. Rode tackless?
     Yep, for about two seconds then I got off. Lol!!
18. Jumped over 3ft?
19. Competed in rodeo?
     Nope, I want to though :)
20. Fallen off?
     Yes, more like a slide though!

21. Doubled with someone?
     Too many times to count back when mom and I shared Red.
22. Had a bad riding accident?
23. Lost a horse?

24. Sold a horse?
25. Taught a lesson?
     Tiny little lessons for my nephews. :)
26. Trained a horse/owned something really green?
27. Watched a mare give birth?
28. Galloped in an open field?
29. done vaulting?
 30. been to the Olympics or any other high level equestrian competition?
Fill In the Blank
31. I have been riding for almost a year.
32. My discipline of choice is Western/trail riding/RanchPleasure

33. Favorite breeds are Quarters, Appaloosa's, paints, percheron's and Thoroughbreds.
35. The horse I ride is owned by me, Cash's Steppin' Up, a Quarter Horse.
36. The equestrian I look up to is Stacy Westfall
37. My favorite thing about riding and owning horses is the peace and joy I receive when I'm with the, :)
38. My best riding memory is cantering bareback for the first time or riding Red for the first time :) Or galloping up the hill the first time, so fun

39. My worst riding memory is when Red was almost- foundering and we went on a ride. So stressful because I had to make sure he was worked enough.
40. My ultimate goal as an equestrian is to show in Ranch Pleasure


  1. I love these types of things. :) It's cool to see your answers.

    1. I'm happy you like it! :) I love them as well.

  2. Replies
    1. I do, too!! I've gotten a few requests for these tags so I'm happy some of y'all like them, planning on doing all of them but not all at the same time. Lol!!