Clothes reflect the rider.

Someone asked me the other day on Pinterest, after I repinned an English riding outfit, what I wear when I ride. I think they thought that I simply wore holey jeans and a plaid top up to my chest because, in their words, "that's how Western people dress when riding." and they were dead. serious. So, I hopped on Polyvore and made a few sets of what I actually wear as if y'all care. I completely believe that clothes reflect who you are, and in my case, the rider that I am. While I don't board at an amazingly fancy barn, I don't show-yet!-and I typically just trail ride, I want to look nice. :)
"Riding" by horsesandcowboyboots on Polyvore
Gonna be honest, I typically DON'T wear sunglasses when I ride. Only because they fall off. A lot. But the extra space was killing me so I added them. Lol!! This is for Winter or Fall, of course. Denim jacket in the Summer? No thanks. Those are nice when you are on trails and dodging thorns. ;) hard to get through denim!

Deluxe Trail Rider's Jeans ~ Made in Vermont
I can't even express how much I want these.

"Riding #2" by horsesandcowboyboots on Polyvore
Gonna be honest for a sec! Last year mom and I splurged on two pairs of Ariat riding boots, kinda similar to the ones above but nicer, I'll post a pic, and I was like, "nah, I don't want taller boots, cowboy boots are fine." in my mind they looked too "english" for the stuff I do/did, but I fell in love. :O

My boots as mentioned above^^ Fit like a glove.

"Riding 3" by horsesandcowboyboots on Polyvore
And here is the English outfit I repinned..
I don't ride English but this is adorable :)
How do you dress at the barn?


  1. Very cool! I wear the typical english breeches in field boots, tucked in polo with a belt and a helmet.

  2. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to barn dress. I usually war boots, half chaps, breeches, and a tanktop that I tuck in during the summer, and gloves. In the winter it's always a hoodie or the incredibly nice jacket my mom bought me that makes me look like I stepped out of a magazine. I definitely don't wear jewelry - it always gets in the way. That being said, I do like the English clothing you re-pinned - it looks like something I would wear.