Question on coloring??

Okay guys, question!!

As y'all know we own a miniature stud, Cowboy. When we bought him he looked like this:

Then he began darkening. His color right now is a light dun, but where he used to  have a dorsal stripe, it's completely gone now, so we obviously don't think he's gonna be a dun, lol!! His mane and tail are darkening and turning black, and he's stopped getting the white spots and is getting tiny little black spots all over!

Okay, y'all! I have a question! We have a miniature stud with weird coloring! :) his coat is a light brown, kind of like a dun, his mane and tail are lighter as well but beginning to turn black as he loses his baby hair-he's only 2-& he was starting to get big white spots, now he's getting these little black spots all over. He used to have a dark dorsal stripe but no longer has it? His dam is a cremello & sire is a chestnut & white leopard Appaloosa. Anyone have any ideas on what he'll be???

Anyone have any ideas on what he'll turn out to be?? He's only 2...Dam is a Cremello and sire is a white/chestnut leopard App.


  1. You really can't tell what color they are with that much hair. Post full body pictures of him with his summer coat?

  2. Maybe he'll be a leopard like his sire.

  3. he has bend spots. (random dark spots on coat)They are not appaloosa, although they can seem like it.