Full body shot of Cowboy

Totally meant to post these and was distracted by a yelling baby, so here we go. See below post for more pics and info on him. Anyone have any ideas on what color he'll be??

Ignore his ribs, getting him to fatten up!


  1. He looks like a sooty palomino to me. If his dam was cremello and his sire chestnut, he has to be some kind of palomino - http://www.mustangs4us.com/Horse%20Colors/colors/6039%20-%20Green%20River%20WY%20-%20chocolate%20palomino.jpg

    1. That's what we were thinking! He's getting those black spots all over so I don't know if he'll be a palomino like the one in the pic with some spots or what, either way I'm excited to see him next year to see what he'll look like! Thanks!!