Day 2-My tack.

Didn't ride yesterday OR today because of migraines, rain and blahness..I caught either the flu or worlds worst cold ever and after a week I still feel so lethargic and blah!! Sooo......I've been blogging, fanfiction writing, looking at pictures of THE best Bruce Banner since Bill Bixby-Mark Rufallo anyone??-and trying to find out just when he's getting his OWN movie. And now I'm instagramming.

I don't have overly fantastic pics today because I *just* got a new breast collar and don't have a picture with everything on, so you'll have to deal with 2 photos to show all of my-Red's-stuff. :)
First. This shows my ear bonnet and splints-yes I know they are on wrong-but also shows my ugly old breast collar that did nothing but keep my saddle in place. No bling. ;)

This shows my new breast collar, saddle, pad, bridle...but not the bonnet or boots. :)
Brands are:
AQHA bridle, Circle Y saddle, Tacky Too saddle pad, unknown+customized/one of a kind breast collar. My boots and bonnet are unknown

Also, I bought Red a super cool curry today at Co-Op. Went, gawked at the purdy tack that I can NOT afford then found the comb that I was going to order online!! Yippee. Made my day.
At first, it's just a typical curry..

BUT..THEN..It's a magnetic MASSAGING curry that's supposed to feel like heaven. I tested it on my own back before I bought and oh my word, AMAZING! I even rubbed it on my aching knee and it actually helped..may steal it.

Spent $5.46 on that bay-bee. Only downside is it's not red.

TAKE THAT CHICKS SADDLERY. I'm always super duper to give them my business because they are AMAZING, so JK. Best customer service EVER and the products are ah-MAZIN'. So go order from them. Only upside of buying from this co-op is I missed the sales price on Chicks I believe so this was cheaper by about a dollar..


  1. Ooooo! Maybe I should look into one of those!

  2. Sounds amazing! Love that second pic :)