I just got my AQHA PIN and ID so on the first of the month I'm going to send the money to get a duplicate of Red's papers and *finally* see them and have him in MY name. Woot!!!! So excited!!! Can't do it until the first of the month because moneys a bit tight this month..but ya know..almost August!!


  1. Hooray! That is awesome! I have George's papers and even though I won't race him and can't breed him, it's so cool to see them. Plus on the back of them is all the races he's won and the money he earned.
    100 years ago for my birthday I opened a card and there were Yellow's (my first horse) AQHA papers with signed transfer papers! It was the coolest birthday ever! It was the biggest thing I had officially in my name. I still have them even though he is long gone :-)

    1. Yeah, I mean, I can't breed Red and I may not even show him, I obviously won't race him, but I like having them. I'm excited to see who is sire/dam are, too!! :0
      That's so cool!! I love that! Great gift!