Tack Boxes, Stall Signs, Brushes, oh my!

It's been awhile since I've recommended any horsey business, and I like to do it, so I thought I'd, while I have a brief few minutes of no screaming kids, post another link. :)

Here is Moxie Designs! Moxie Designs is a horsey-based business. :D They make custom-wood-tack boxes, hand-painted brushes, hand-painted stall signs, dog tags and more. Here is some of their work! (If I know, I'll include prices)

Grooming kits are $250 + shipping. This isn't the full set. you get 4 brushes a mane and tail brush, a wooden box (boxes are all different, depending on what I find) You get the name sign on the box and a stall sign.-The owner of Moxie Designs
One more tack set because I LOVE these colors ;)

Custom dog tags-$12. Same size as standard metal from stores.

Dog tag-$12. Custom.

Custom Stall sign-Wood and handpainted- $35

(Chalk board, I believe) handpainted. Wood. $35

Custom handpainted wood brush- $35+Shipping

Wood painted brushes-hand painted- $35+shipping!

One more because this one is gorgeous! $35+Shipping. She makes different kinds of brushes, too.

Memory Plaques. Wooden. Hand-painted. $30. She will add left over tail/mane etc from your horse.

handpainted plate. Not sure on price??

Ornament Price????? Added diamonds and etc are $5.

She also makes dog signs, leash holders, farm signs, business card holders that look like tack boxes, horse-show ribbon displays-These are awesome!!-bridle holders, etc etc. :) She also ships! She's located in Abilene, Texas.

Contact Moxie Designs:
Website: http://www.customstallsigns.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoxieDesigns
Email: http://www.customstallsigns.com

She (Daughter) was stunned by how close the resemblance and the detail of the work.  Please know that these will be passed down in our family and we will treasure their beauty and your skilled work. Please feel free to use the images in your albums, or on Facebook or as you see fit to promote your business.  Please also use me if you have need of a reference to your work and your communication.  I would be happy to help.
oh gosh I love all of them! can't wait to show them off . these are just so gorgeous! I've been drooling all over them since they arrived at my house! can't wait to get them hung at the barn  thanks so much! you do such amazing work!!
Oh my gosh - it's AMAZING!!  I love love love it - it's perfect.  Thank you so much, Tiffany - I can't wait to hang it on his stall!
Thank you for creating all the beautiful prizes this year for our 2012 End of Year banquet. Everyone loved your custom brushes and especially the Grooming totes - What fantastic quality !
Southwest Missouri Hunter Jumper Association (SMHJA)

Place an order: http://www.customstallsigns.com/place-an-order.html


  1. I really like the paisley brushes!

  2. Beautiful!!! Wish I had a barn.. I would use this as decoration!!!

    1. I think I'm going to buy one of the stall signs once I have some fun-money in my wallet again. ;) This breast collar+paying to get Red's papers has wiped me out for awhile. LOL. But, even though I board I'll probably hang it on his stall....