Just a horrible week!

I have no words to describe this week. I have literally had *no* break and I've had like, two panic attacks just because of it. I'm going to go insane. My brother and his wife who are trying to get into drug rehab and get better have been kinda pestering us and it's just one thing after another. We've had to drive all over the place. The kids have been fussy. I haven't even really spent time at the barn in a week now, other than yesterday evening when we didn't even see the horses.

I'm going insane.

Was going to have a photoshoot with the ponies on Saturday but now they are saying it's gonna rain in the evening, which is the only time we could do it. I'm hoping I get a chance to go out soon. Mom's having a surgery on Thursday and will be out for up to 7 weeks so I'll have to exercise both horses, which is fine, I'd rather work hard than not be there at all.. It'll be hard though, just finding time that I can go out. Jeff will take off some work so he can stay to help since we have the two kids.

I've love for life to settle down.

Being at the barn so little is NOT like us. Normally we're there. Every. Single. Day. I just can't take anymore of this, honestly.

I hate not having a schedule.


  1. Aw I'm sorry, I know how it goes (though my stressors are different). Keep your chin up! Things'll calm down. Like L. said, breathe! In AND out, slowly! :)

  2. I am so sorry! I know how you feel. It can be awful. Just take a few deep breathes. If you can stop and get some pony sniffs for even 5 minutes let yourself. It will help you relax. If not, then just take 5 minutes to close your eyes and breathe. It willa ll be fine!

  3. Thanks for the support guys :) Means a lot, especially after being around such negative people all week!

  4. Sorry to hear this. Stay strong, things will get better soon.