Injuries, stubborness & swollen legs.

Le sigh. Life was pretty tough yesterday, but mom and I managed to sneak to the barn for 25 minutes to go check on Spirit. He somehow cut up his leg and it was swollen. He was lame on it but still walked around. :P While she checked on him and talked to the lady T-C's wife- and her grandson that she brought. Red was a pretty good distance away but I found him and led him back to the barn..they had just been turned out so I doubt he was too happy with me. ;) I stopped every now and then on a hill so I could see if I could mount bareback without help to no avail....even through the random mane tugs and my annoying legs trying to get on him, he sat still and didn't move at all. Such a good boy!!

I walked him to the barn and tied him, fly sprayed, brushed off some of the dirt spots-he was actually clean, gasp!!-and mounted after a few tries. :P Didn't tack him up since we had like no time! Mom had to come up to hold him and he was being so sassy. :P Once I got on him he was decent though..Ever since the founder I've been freaking out every time he acts stubborn because that's what he did before since he didn't feel good, but he seemed fine sooo......Plus he's just STUBBORN. Especially when I'm bareback.

Anyways, we just rode around the driveway a few times. Went up to J's house to talk to him and chilled up there for a minute. Rode around the four acre fenceline. Looked for a lost doggy-who was found, thank goodness. Then we went back to the barn..not much to say about our ride. It was good but uneventful. He tripped on the driveway a few times, like always, but did pretty good, better than normal, I think. Kept trying to get to the barn gate, like always. If you've read one post about these type of rushed rides, you've read em' all.

This is odd of me to point out in some cases but look at those fancy legs :O I've finally made some progress on the whole walking neat thing..his legs used to be EVERYWHERE and now he walks somewhat gracefully.

After that I tied him, put some of the Anti-Fungal stuff-PS that stuff is called Horseman's dream fung-a-away, I've had a few people ask about it..-in his mane and put MTG on a scrape he got on his neck. :P At first I freaked because I thought he was mane rubbing again but it's just a scrape..I rubbed that stuff on it and he never flinched so I don't think it hurts.

Somehow he managed to poke his eye. It was all goopy and runny, and the other was a little runny. Normally he has really clean and clear eyes, so I checked them both really good and even did a little sight test and he was perfect. Just got a natural baby wipe out and rubbed the dirt off of his face and all the goop, which he LOVEED. Red's biggest love in life? Having his face rubbed and caressed.

Spirit on the other hand was in worse condition. Leg was swollen. Mom thought we'd have to get a shot of anti-biotic for it. We planned on going to the barn first thing the next day and if it hadn't improved we'd do that.

Got Red all settled and left after that..

This morning we went by to check on Spirit and his leg looks SOOOOO much better!!!! No limp at all!! C said when he got there he was rolling around in the pasture and running. Thank God!

Also picked up my breast collar this morniiiiing!!!!!

I LOVE it!! I didn't want anything super duper fancy, considering I just trail ride, but if I ever did decide to show I wanted something I could use then, too...only paid about $64 for all of it, including getting the lady to drive back and forth and add/order the conchos. I LOVE it!! Thanks Gratify Designs!!

Another note: My photoshoot has possibly been rescheduled to Sunday night, due to weather..Saturday is still a possibility but it's looking like rain that evening. Either way is fine with me. Also, my sister-the photographer!-is possibly bringing her little boy who turns five that Sunday so she can do birthday pictures on the horses-he caught the "bug". We're having the party that Sunday but we're heading to the barn around 7:30, so everything will be done by then.. SO excited to use my breast collllllaaaar!!!!!!! :D :D

Can't wait to have some great pictures in a couple days!! Until then, here are some from our last shoot...When Red still had his-blah-winter coat.

We all kinda hated this one. LOL


  1. It's good that you could get a ride in however short, and I'm glad Spirit is doing better today. I love your breast collar, too! I can't wait to see how Red looks in it.

  2. Love the breast collar. It looks really nice.

  3. I love the breast collar. I also LOVE the new blog header. Red is so cute!