Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

A wise man once said the quote, "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." and as I've grown older, I realize how true it is in day to day life, however, now I see it as a wise quote when it comes to my passion-horses. You could see it in a person's point of view, the rider, especially one who practices natural horsemanship and believes in less force and more love/praise. Or you could see it in a horse's point of view, tonight, I saw both.

First of all, welcome to all of my new followers!! Randomly logged on and saw I had a few more, thanks for following and joining me on my journey, y'all! :) I appreciate it!!

I leave for Florida tomorrow, we're aiming for morning so we can be in FL sooner rather than later, but we'll probably get out the door around 2 like always. We stay through Saturday evening and will get home Sunday, I plan on getting to the barn again ASAP to hopefully ride if Red continues improving with the grass foundering-is that a word??- issue. He's doing well.. Since I knew I'd have about five days of no horse time I had to make it out tonight and mom and I went and took Olivia, our boston terrier..
She enjoyed the air conditioning.
 We could only stay for a few minutes because I had plans to meet a woman about 25 minutes away with a purse that I was selling and since I need the $$$$ I wanted to meet her soon, before the trip. Mom took Olivia for a walk up to Spirit, who is now on full TURN OUT!! YAY! Of course, he gets stalled for food, storms, extreme heat etc, and the babies are also out apparently. I didn't pay much attention to them as my body took me to Red's stall. :)) :))

Red whinnied excitedly and kicked his stall door to get out. I reprimanded him and he stopped and gave me a "But I love you" look..this is what I saw when I walked through the barn door:


The caption isn't realistic. He gets food and hay  as usual and the occasional stall toy but he isn't so pleased..Obviously he worked up a sweat AND got rained on today because when I came in he was soaked.. And of course gave me those hugs he always gives thus resulting in ME being wet. One day I'll get a video of what he does..I walk in and he literally wraps his head around me and holds me there like this:

And keeps me there like, I LOVE YOU DON'T LEAVE I AM SO BORED!!This is an actual picture of Red doing it:
Completely in love with him.

I went in his stall, saw the state his mane was in and I was like, "welp" and decided after a few of those hugs and him trying to follow me in the stall to just let him out in the barn and let him walk around since he'd be stuck in there until 10AM. I opened the gate, tested him a little. He KNOWS he's not supposed to leave the stall unless I give him a go-ahead, and today I thought he may just run out knowing he'd be trapped, but he sat there until I say "Follow" and walked on out like a gentleman. I clucked my tongue and got him to trot a little just to see how he'd move and he looked perfect, no stiffness. I walked around and he followed without me even telling him to. This is a big step for us. This shows the connection that I've worked SO hard for and I'm so happy about it..he TROTTED AFTER ME. Not being mean or overbearing, but I jogged over to the other side and he played, trotted at my side and just threw his head up like, "okay, let's play!!" I felt like Little Creek, just with a Bay and not a Paint!

Anyone remember that movie, specifically the scene where Little Creek takes off and Rain chases him around?? That's how I felt.

I went to the corner and tried to snap some pictures but by the time the camera took it he was heading back my way and it blurred. :P :P I got about two decent ones but he just wouldn't stay put. I don't blame him.

Inspecting the stalls! He went to all of them. :)) :))

Tasting some nommy hay.

This makes him look like he has terrible conformation..I swear he was standing on a hill. ;)

Here's proof that he has good conformation, LOL

Ignore his fluffiness.
 We basically just hung around the stall, then I decided I HAD to comb his mane..I wish I took a before picture..somehow he got a bur or something stuck in his mane and then rubbed it in there and it was HORRIBLE. It took me a good-or AWFUL-fifteen minutes to get it out without tugging hair out!!! Finally got it out. :)) Combed his forelock while I was at it. Checked over his tail and it was mainly clean, I'm trying not to brush it too much  because he's having a hard time with it and hair falling out anyways. If there's a tangle, mud or anything like that in it I will comb it or before a ride I comb it. :)) Not much to report.

I checked him over, no stiffness. Still giving him bute daily and putting some gel for stiffness on his legs daily. That pink junk on him is pink SWAT for his balding places and to keep bugs away. Bought him some low-starch purina feed to mix in with his current feed so we gradually get him on a lower starch feed that's less rich. He got more hay tonight. I felt his hooves tonight and no heat, A checked them earlier at the barn and he was fine then. Getting a lot better, I think!! Phew phew!!! I worried!! A has promised me that she'll keep me informed while I'm in FL. Kinda dreading the trip but excited to get away. Two fussy kids in a car, far from home and my bed AND my horse, stinks, however, sand in my toes, seeing my grandparents and having some family time is good. Wish I could fit Red in my suitcase it'd make thing a ton easier.

Here are some random pictures from this evening:

Did you have horsey time today? What did you do?

PS: My rather poetic and random words from above were inspired when Red trotted next to me today.. I don't know why but it just swelled my heart. Horseback riding is NOT about you, it is about your friend, your horse. Allow your horse to walk beside you, not behind you, you are NOT the most important thing, not in front of you because your horse must have boundaries and rules, but beside you as your friend. You are both in this TOGETHER.


  1. I love the post, and I remember that part from the movie. Its so great that you and Red have such a great bond. Well, have fun in Florida. Are you taking a car like my family always does?(we live near Yosemite and we drove all the way to Provo, Utah to take my brother to college since my family loves road trips)

    1. Thanks! :) Yeah, we are taking our little mini van. We love driving! I've never even been on a plane! :)) :)) The farthest we've gone is from TN to Missouri, a long 14 hour trip normally..it took us a lot longer because we had one fussy kiddo, we stop at a hotel at night and we always stop at the fun rest stops, to get food and etc, just to make it a little less agonizing. :))