Days...uhhhh...A lot of days of the 30 day challenge. ;)

Missed a LOT of the days for the 30 day challenge, I don't even know how many I missed..so I'm going to do ten of them because I think that's what I've accidentally missed...

The last time you rode your horse and what you did: Last time I rode was about a week ago-WAY too long-I haven't been able to ride because of the rain, hoping to get a ride in soon..anywho, we just took Spirit and Red out to the four acres. Red and Spirit raced for a minute. Mostly we just cantered around, I practiced some quick turns-Red's biggest "bad" habit is turning SUPER slow, not really a bad habit but I'd like for him to go a tad faster-and  worked on him *listening* to me, stopping quickly and patience around the gate-he likes to gun it once we get close to the gate!-after that I babied him and we cuddled for a few minutes. We also raced the BO while he was on his lawnmower. :3

Your most accomplished horse: RED! Red went from a bald, skinny, lazy, stubborn horse to a muscular, (HAIRY!), sweet, willing horse that does everything I ask-almost everything. ;) Y'all have seen his progress, so ya know!!

Your best ribbon: Don't show, no ribbons. ;) I do have a ribbon from the Dixie Stampede that I won after I was called on the stage with my cousin and caught chickens. Little did they know we were farm girls..

A little bit about the barn/stable you are at: Let's see...there are five other people there. First, J, who owns the whole sha-bang and just bought his first horse, a colt. He leases the farm to C and his wife T, C does all of the construction there. He has two horses there now, Lady and Trigger, and recently gave R a horse. A and R board there, and A does all the feeding/health/and is there every day. She's who we always ride with. It's a very family friendly, family oriented barn. We're just a big bunch of friends with horse brains! :) To board, we pay A who puts all the money back into the farm.

Any injuries you've gotten from riding: Just a few scrapes and bruises so far. :0

How does your friends/family feel about your riding? They are supportive. Some friends aren't super gun-ho about it,  but my family is all supportive as long as I don't yak about it too much. That's why I have you guys, so I can talk. :D LOL

Find a horse on sale (online) that you like:

That mare up there is a beauty, but she's only 14 HH......If she was about 15+, I'd LOVE her....

Favorite horse color: I'm partial to Bays. I love Grullas, Buckskins and roans a lot, too. Don't have a favorite. :)

A picture of your worst riding: 
On Red for the first time in Florida..ugh. Just ugh.
Your dream barn/farm: Honestly, I'm at my dream barn! :) However, if I could, I'd love to buy a big ranch, just a simple ranch or farm with a little farmhouse, just enough room for my horses with some nice places to ride. :)

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