Breast Collars, Fungus & Tails

So, today we didn't plan on going to the barn because we were busy all. stinking. day. First, we went out early to look for more tack shops, then family came over and it was just a hectic evening, not so great. Then, A texted us and said she needed the other fly mask because Red lost another. We had the other one at our house so we drove over to the barn to take that there and brought the kids with us. Baby N fell asleep and David-who was just adopted on Tuesday, I'll post about that in a sec-was content watching the DVD player and saying hi to Bella. :)

I went to Red's stall, put some MTG on his chest where he's starting to go bald again, blah-ze, and put some of the anti-fungal stuff on him. OH! I also bought a 32oz of the stuff for $11 and I paid over $13 for the 16oz bottle. Super excited. Anywho, that stuff is working wonders. :D Since mom was still talking I just decided to go ahead and brush him..I didn't think he was dirty but apparently the  stall but too dark and I didn't notice the dust. ALL. OVER. HIM. It was nasty. Anywho, I cuddled with him then we had to leave. :/ I did manage to get him all brushed out and groomed, plus put his nasty stuff-MTG-on. ;)

Here are pictures. The people at the barn make fun of me because I always take some. ;) It's all in good fun. :D
Do you like his pink bucket??

Also, I bought a super nice leather breast collar for Redman at the only tack shop we found. ;) We've been to this one several times before, but anyways, it was $32 and something cents. ;)

I'm getting the very talented lady at Gratify Designs to add some conchos, rivets and perhaps paint it if it's possible..She made my belt, as seen here:

So I'm super excited to get everything done!! I still can't decide what I want to do with it..If she can paint it, I need a quote, song lyric or just something to say. I've thought about song lyrics, then I also like the idea of his name and mine being on it. Any ideas???????

Anywho, go check out Gratify Designs. :) She's based in TN but ships and etc. :)

Not much else to say..so toota-loo.

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  1. That belt looks nice! I think putting you and Red's names on the breast collar is a great idea. Or maybe you can put a line from your favorite song. I can't think of any horsey quotes at the moment, but if I find anything I'll let you know!