We are now horse owners of 4.

Oh my goodness, we got a new horse. Again.

And he is another Appaloosa.

Craig, a man at the barn who owns Hercules, Trigger, Lady and Chip needed to rehome Hercules and Chip. He gave Hurk to Ann and her husband at the barn, and we took Chip.

I think we are a little crazy, but a good crazy. This guy needs LOTS of ground work and round pen work before any of us-but mom, lol-can ride him, but he's going to be a good boy. He is 16+HH and an Appaloosa, obviously...This will be my step-father's horse-did I already say that??-but he will need work before he is rideable for Jeff. Going to add an "About Chip" page soon..Still surreal. :)) He's already part of the family!!!!

Jeff and Chip.