"I would give anything to have him back." A guest post by Lydia Jones.

This is the story about my horse "Highlander".-Lydia Jones.
The day we got Highlander he was a skinny and scared 2 year old stud horse. He was dirty and you could tell no one had really ever fooled with him at all or gave him the love he deserved. He wasn't broke or anything in fact he was so scared of people you could barely get around him without him spooking. I was a very timid rider even though I've been riding most of my life, but we bought Highlander as an unbroken 2 year old stud. We began to work with him and he began to friendly up to people and in about 2 months anybody could ride him. I, even as a timid rider, rode him within about 4 or 5 months of us having him. All he needed was lots of love! Highlander became my horse. I took care of him,  I rode him and I loved him.  I started showing him as a 3 year old in our local shows and although he wasn't very good I still loved showing him. We rarely placed in our classes but when we did it was such a blessing it just made my day :)  He began to fill out and by the time he was a year old he was a true beauty. I had several offers from people who wanted to buy him but of course I refused. He was the perfect horse for me. He was a goober I'll tell ya ,, He would steal your candy bars or knock brushes off the rack just to be silly. He loved people and he was a favorite among the little kids. I had Highlander from the time he was two until this past summer..he had just turned 6 years old. We had him at a friends house temporarily before the ride we were going to go on that coming weekend..But one night..(may 18th 2012) we got a call. It was my brother and his friend. They were on the way to his friends house..because they heard there had been an accident.The accident was that someone had ran through the fence where my horse was at and eventually he got his back leg ran over. It was a horrific thing. Highlanders back leg was completely unfixable. But even in his last few moments of life he was still the same sweet calm boy he had been ever since I fell in love with him. It was a year on May 18th(2013)since he had been killed. I would give anything to have him back but I can't have him back but I wanted to share this story of my boy and how much I love him still and always will.

What is his/her registered and barn name?-The Highlander. aka Highlander. ( he isn't registered)

How old?-6

What breed?-Tennessee Walking Horse
Lineage?-He isn't registered and his mom was a walking horse but we aren't sure what his dad was. I think. sorry!

Discipline?-Trails,pulls our wagon,great with little kids,horse shows

What is one thing that your horse hates?-Getting his bridle path trimmed

What is your favorite thing about your horse?-His personality,..he loved everything and everyone.

How would he/she introduce her/himself to a new herd of horses?-He was the boss of the herd wherever he went!


 Thank you for sending the pictures and your story, Lydia!!! I enjoyed reading it and I'm happy to post it! Highlander was gorgeous, I'm sorry for your loss.

 If you want to write a guest post as well, I will be posting them through this month, possible into July. Comment below and let me know!

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