Thunder, rain and horses, oh my!

Well. Went to the barn yesterday morning to attempt to saddle up Spirit and ride. Since we have Chip now and he needs a lot of work, we need to make sure we even the time out because if Spirit isn't ridden he'll get really green. He was in the same pasture as the babies and we couldn't take him out without the other horses bullying and couldn't take the filly/colts out because they would get bullied, so we were going to saddle him up and see how he did while I kept the babies away, then mom would get off and I'd ride. It didn't work and we left. :))

Then, went to go pay board for Red-we pay at separate times so it's easier-and it started storming really bad. We get the horses stalled up, Spirit is still in the four acres with the babies but they have safe places up there to hang out while it's storming so they were fine. Some of the horses were iffy about the lightening but Red ended up falling asleep after a few minutes of waiting for his food..
Getting sleeepy!

Lighting was horrid in the stalls so I have terrible pictures to offer..

Got the grain in the barn for all ze horseys, then as Ann and mom were taking up the food to the others- I was in the car with a terrified little brother..he hates hard rain. ;) Once I got Red taken care of I was out of the rain!-It started raining HARD and we waited it out. Finally we had to leave and all of the horses were safe..Geeze. I hate Spring weather sometimes..It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow as well so it'll probablyyyy be too muddy to ride this weekend but we'll try. We HAVE to get Spirit out soon and start working Chipadoodle.
Dumb rain..PS: This is the front of our barn! Lol!

Our newest fur baby!!

We've been at the zoo ALL. DAY and my step-daddy is gettin' off late today, so we'll probably try to stop by the barn but it won't be a long visit..Probably no riding until this weekend/week. Chip will be in the round pen soon and mom will saddle up and get on him since she's used to buckers. ;) I'll try to take a video, if not I'll get pictures! Excited, but nervous. Hopefully mama doesn't get thrown. Lol!!! Red got worked the other day so I'm not all that worried about riding him. He can go months without work, but I won't let it happen. Lol! I try to get out and ride at LEAST once a week..Spirit and Chip will probably need more than that. Life is changin'!!!!

Not sure about our schedule this week..hopefully riding+work+visits. :) :)


  1. Chip is a gorgeous horse. Red doesnt look worried by the lightening. Sometimes I think the humans worry more than the horses do.