"I had high hopes."-Karley

 Guest post by Karley-

Henry and I came together a little over a year and a half ago. I had just had a baby and he wasn't fast enough for the track. After a string of horses that didn't work out, I had high hopes that Henry was the one. He was bright eyed and I was getting my feel back after a c-section, ups and downs came but we are doing better then ever now. You can follow our journey at http://dondeestahenry.blogspot.com/

What is his/her registered and barn name?- House of Fortuny but we call him Henry

How old?- Just turned 7 :)

What breed?- OTTB
Lineage?- His dad is Atticus and mom is Mitzi. His great great grandpa is Secretariat

Discipline?- Hunters.. maybe some Eq when I can get my stuff together :)

What is one thing that your horse hates?- Natural Latices panels and plastic chairs on occasion lol

What is your favorite thing about your horse?- His heart, he's willing to try and give me all he has. And he had become SO affectionate and it cracks me up! I can't wait for our partnership to keep growing.

How would he/she introduce her/himself to a new herd of horses?- Henry likes to greet and play with everyone, "squealing means that you love me right?!"… I don't think he wouldn’t fair well out in a big herd cause he would get beat up!
Henry and Karley :)

 Thanks for sending in the story, Karley!!! Gotta love those cute OTTB's! :)

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