Stiffness & Farrier's.

I think the last time our farrier was out, Red was stiff in his back legs. He was stiff in his *FRONT* legs this time!! Grrrr!!! Gave that boy some bute and walked him around and he seemed to be a little better, I'm still planning on riding tomorrow unless it's just way worse. Anywho, we had left VBS and rushed to the barn, so they had already finished Red-big thanks to the barn "manager" for holding my horse when I couldn't be there!!-and were just about to trim up Spirit. :) :) No pictures of Spirit because he was being a jerk. He did great for the first two, front hooves, but once the farrier got to the back, he started bunny hopping and tried to run himself into the farrier, Ann, the chair and the concrete table. After a couple smacks on the butt, he settled for about three seconds then we decided to tie him in the barn and he did fine. No one got kicked in the process. ;) I meant to take a before and after shot of his hooves because the girl had trimmed them herself and they started to look a little bad, but I completely forgot! :P :P Now, they look perfect!!

I headed to Red's stall after that and made him walk in the stall for me so I could see if he was too stiff, he seemed stiff but not overly bad so I don't think my Saturday riding plans will be ruined. Even if he was, I'd get out and groom him.. I think it'll work out well.

Really not too  much to report until tomorrow when I ride, so I'll leave on a happy note with some cute pictures. :D
Part of me hates this picture because he got too close and the flash made his face look pale, but look how muscular and shiny his body looks!!!

Cutie patootie!

Sticking his tongue out!

And here is Bay, sticking her tongue out at our farrier. ;)

Planning to trail ride tomorrow, groom Red and etc. Not sure on a schedule. It's hard to make one with my life. :P :P

GOOD NEWS!! We got our farrier to check out the "cancerous spot on Chip" and we couldn't even find one. Seriously?? We are 99.9% sure this lady who came to the barn just saw something wrong or something because we do NOT think he has cancer of any form. Vet is coming out in mid July so we'll check just in case but we do NOT think it's cancer. Yipee!

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