"She is always there for me."-Taylor Ewing

 I was very happy to be able to post about Flicka, Taylor's horse that is often blogged about here and featured on Pinterest occasionally. I "met" Taylor on Pinterest and I have enjoyed reading her blog and talking horses with her. Hahaha! So, without further adieu, here is the most recent guest post. If you have a story-or more than one!!-please comment and I'll get in touch with you and I will feature you as well! 

Currently I have 6 horses. Flicka, Pistol, Blaze, Dom, Jessie, and Willie. Flicka is my horse, and I post more frequently about her, but you'll hear about the others too. :) 

I've had Flicka for about a year now. I showed her last year at fair. This year, we're gonna go back and kick butt. :) 

Name: Flicka, registered name is Bartendin' Lady. 

Age: She's 7 years old. 

Breed: A Quarter Horse. We've got a thing for quarter horses. My dad won't buy anything else, but once we had an Appaloosa. 
Lineage: Her sire is Jacks My Bartender, her dam is Ima Smooth Design. They trace back to Two ID Bartender, Lucky Miss Jacki, Watch Joe Baca, Ima Smooth Lady, Two Eyed Jack, Prissy JoAnn, To Sir With Luck, Miss Jackie Byrd, Watch Joe Jack, Ann Baca, Smooth Sensation and Lady Joe Boy.

Discipline: Western. :) I do want to try English though. But I don't know if my knees could handle it. I've got bad knees anyway from riding. 

One thing that she hates: is me paying attention to other horses. She HATES it. 

My favorite thing about her is that she is always there for me. She won't just leave and never talk to me again, like a few of my friends have. She always makes my day better, even when I've had the worst day. 

The way she'd introduce herself to a new herd of horses would probably have to be, she would probably check everyone out, and then be at the bottom of the pecking order. But she's okay with it. 
Taylor and Flicka.
Taylor and Flicka


  1. Thanks for posting this! It was a lot of fun writing it!! :)