Not news, but.....

First off, an apology for not posting and an apology to Red for not being able to be at the barn as often as I'd like. ;) I've still checked on him like crazy through phone calls but this week we've had to take temporary custody of my niece for reasons I don't wish to disclose and it's just been an insane week and I haven't been able to get out. Plus VBS at church is this week. I'll make up for it soon, though. I need to be there or I'll go insane. I hate not being there as often as I'd like, normally I'm there at least every day, normally multiple times but this week has just been insane..

Now, I want everyone to go follow this blog she just started it up and I'm sure she'd appreciate the followers. She is a soon-to-be first time horse owner and I relate to her story a lot! :) So GO FOLLOW! :D

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