Muddy River becomes a Splash-By Kim Spinnan

Muddy River becomes a Splash.
By Kim Spinnan
The first time I saw my horse, he wasn't mine. 
In the large paddock, my neighbors', was that horse, the neighbors' under-ridden beauty, a buckskin mountain of energetic horseflesh.  Every day since I had first seen the horse they called Muddy River, I tried to convince my dad to buy me my own horse.
Although my dad is an amazing guy, he couldn't create money out of thin air, and the answer was unconvinced maybe.   I began saving money from  my birthdays, Christmas' and  from selling home sewn shirts.   By the end of the year, I had made $442.76....not nearly enough for a horse.   Feeling discouraged, I took a walk down to see Muddy River.
At their front gate, I stopped dead and thought I was seeing things.
In front of the house was a "For Sale" sign!  I thought would feint! If they moved, they would take Muddy River away and I'd possibly never see him again! I ran right up and knocked on the door. 
By the time my neighbor's husband answered, I was calmed down.
"So your moving?" Was the first thing I said.
"Are you taking your horse?" Was the second.
"Well, I don't know," He mused. "He's quite a handful and we have a lot of work to do..."
Without letting him finish, I asked, "Are you looking for a home for him?" I had high hopes now.
"Well, I guess. Why?"
"Can I buy him?"
"No, you can have him." He said with a smile.
I could not wait to tell dad! Soon, They brought Splash over (I renamed him immediately.) and I  him settled in the, long prepared, stall.  
Splash has worded wonders in my life. He has taught me to be patient and never loose hope.      Mostly he taught me responsibility.  Especially with money.
Thank you for sending in your story, Kim!!

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