I admit, I admit.

I admit what?? I admit that breeches are amazing.

This is weird to say. I'm a western rider. I wear jeans 24/7..Yet the other day, I saw some breeches at a discount tack shop, felt them and oh my word those things are made of sunshine and clouds.

I didn't buy a pair. :( Didn't buy a pair because the only ones in my size were too expensive for my budget, but now I've decided that if I ever find a cheapish pair I will buy them.

Western riders don't look weird with them, right?

As western as I am, I'd kill for these outfits..

But until I run into some money, I'll stick with these..

Then maybe I'll have one of these to accompany me on rides..
Really, I'd LOVE to try western riding, and a friend has offered her Australian saddle to me just to try it out, and I'm tempted to use it a couple times to see. But at heart, I'll always be a belt buckle wearing, rodeo loving girl who is owned by a pure western QH. And that's fine with me. :)

But I still wouldn't mind a pair of these.

They match my tack :O :O

What is your preference? Breeches or jeans? Western saddles or English?? (Please, keep the comments friendly regarding western vs. english, neither discipline is harder or better.)


  1. Kerrits make a riding pant that is like breeches but also have a boot cut , awesome for any kind of riding

  2. I absolutely love breeches...I can't ride in jeans anymore lol

  3. I have to admit breeches are very comfortable!

  4. I ride both English and Western quite extensively. I always hated wearing breeches when I was younger because they were required, but now that I only pleasure ride I like wearing them. I am still not a fan of tall boots, so I use half chaps. Most of the time (even though I own several pair of breeches) I end up in jeans and half chaps for english or just jeans and boots for western. It makes the transition from one to the other easier...

    1. I'm not a fan of tall boots, either. I like half chaps but don't own a pair yet, but I want to invest in a pair because my jeans are being ruined from extensive trail rides. :P

  5. Plaid button down shirts always look good tucked into breeches as well :)