More on Chip.

If you read my last post then you'll know we recently got another horse, Chip. It was a short post because I had to go out and do some work before it got dark, so I thought I'd post a better post today and give a little background. We don't know all the details like his reg name, lineage, etc, but we do know enough. So, first, the basics:

  • Name: Chip
  • Age: Ballpark 10 or so, we were told when the farrier was out but I completely forgot. :))
  • Breed: Appaloosa
  • Color: Leopard App, black & white with some brown spots on his face.
  • Height: 16+HH-He's a huge boy!!
  • Barefoot or shoed?: Barefoot. Nice striped Appy feet!!!!
  • Discipline: Western, mostly trail riding but who knows what we'll end up doing later on.
  • Lineage: ????
Chip was given to us for free by a man at the barn, and he paid $2,200 for him. Yep. You read that right.


He needs a lot of groundwork and just work in general. He has a bit of a 'tude so we'll be doing a ton of work with that. He's never offered to bite us or anything, but he is a little feisty with other horses and at the moment, he's the herd leader. He is classified as greenbroke and hasn't been ridden since early September or before then. We'll get him in the round pen next week and start working. The idea is for him to be my step-father's horse, but we'll probably all ride him if he ends up being a good boy and DOESN'T buck. ;) He works with a hack so we may try a bit later on but we'll probably keep him on a hack because it's easier for a new rider who doesn't know all that much about horses to use and put on. Plus Chip is very mouthy and likes to playfully nip when your hand is close. He doesn't BITE, but he nips and licks. :))


I'm really excited to see how this guy ends up!! He's an absolute gorgeous, huge horse. He's got a lot of potential and I'm eagerly awaiting next week to see how he does with someone back on him.
With the farrier.

He does good getting his hooves trimmed as long as someone he likes is holding him like Ann is doing in the above picture, but on one of the hooves he has to have a twitch. He used to need one of all of his hooves but he's improved. He doesn't have his feet messed with often so I think that'll improve and he won't need a twitch at all eventually.
He's going to need a lot of work..hopefully we don't get bucked in the process. ;)


  1. Aw he's really gorgeous! The first horse I ever really learned on and got to show was an app that looked like a way smaller version of him. :) He was a good boy!

    1. Thanks!! We LOVE Apps..He's our second Appaloosa now, but my mom was pretty much raised on them. :) They tend to have great personalities!

  2. Such a beauty! Worth the money!!!!!!

  3. "Chip" sounds like he'll be lots of fun! I didn't mention it in my story, but Pro licks! I tried everything to stop him for 2 full years... Well, you know the story! To this day Pro will lick you after he eats his grain, any time you have your back tuned to him (ie. saddling, opening a gate), and anytime in between!

    1. How funny!!!! My Quarter licks every now and then, but our other App doesn't do it at all! :)) Chip tries to suck on your fingers and lick....Hahahah!

  4. He's cute!! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with him and how he comes along!