"I was head over heels in love."-Tera Barker

My horse story began about 10 years ago, when i was maybe 8 or 9. Our neighbor's pasture runs in our backyard, so when the horses were out there I would cut up an apple and get some carrots and run outside to see them. I knew all of them by name and knew all of their personalities. They were/still are so special to me and they are to blame for my passion for horses. Of course, like everything else, horses don't last forever so I have had to say goodbye to a few in the last 10 years. And those horses were the ones that taught me everything I know today; how to ride, how to fall off, how to clean a stall, how to groom, as well as patience and responsibility. Then it seemed like so many horse-doors opened for me. I made a ton of friends in the horse world. I had more horse opportunities than ever! About three years ago, a lady at my church found out I loved horses and she invited me out to her place. Little did I know that her and her husband owned the Highland Saddle Club and that I would fall in love with a pony there. I started out just cleaning stalls, brushing horses, and watering the arena. I didn't get paid, just did it because I loved it. And that leads me to Popcorn. No, not the food. He is a 14 year old pony (not sure exactly what breed he is). The first time I saw him I was head over heels in love. He is such a good boy but can be a pain at times, typical pony. Popcorn quickly became "my" pony. I started longing him and working him whenever I had the chance. When I heard about the shows that they have there I really wanted to be in it. So I began working with Popcorn in showmanship. He was pretty good at it too. We got first place the first time I showed him. I was so proud and happy! I have been showing him for 3 years now and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The last show we got third out of ten but I was still super happy because so of those other horses were kinda intimidating and looked better than my little pony. When I walked out of the arena, back to the barn to put Popcorn in his stall, so many people stopped me and said that they loved my pony and they thought he was so cute. I said thank you and took the credit, but deep down I was sad because he really isn't mine. They might as well give him to me after all of the free work I've done over the last 3 years. But you never know. I'm still hopeful. :)
Me and Popcorn waiting for showmanship to start.

Thank you so much for sending in the story, Tera! You can find her here on Pinterest 

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