I am not worried, when I'm with you.

Mom snapped a few pictures of me and Red yesterday and I just fell in love with one, but hated how dark it was, so I decided to do some editing. :) Tell me what you think! :D

Here is the original picture: (Taken with a cellphone camera!)
 The original picture of me and Red..about to show my edited version.
Here is the Instagram version:

The second version, edited on Instagram-

Here is my edited version-Edited on Photoshop:
Here is my edited version! Edited with photoshop, picture taken on a cellphone.

 And my photoshopped/edited version in color:

Which is your favorite? Do you like the black and white or in color?

PS: If any of y'all want me to edit-photoshop-any of your images just let me know. I'm bored to death! ;) I can also made headers for blogs as long as they are large enough.


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the black and white one and in colour. The best colour one would definitely be the last one though.

    1. I think so, too. In the other in color one everything looked red and bright. :P Thanks!!