This weekend has just been awful. We took in a foster child for the weekend, a respit, which was fine, great even, then we had to take temporary custody of one of my nieces, who is extremely fussy. Her parents are going through extremely tough stuff and we had to help her out. We're trying to figure out how to juggle everything right now. Luckily, we have a break for tonight and possibly longer, not sure. Praying that our break is long term!!! Now we just have "Petey" my soon to be adopted brother and everyone is out right now other than me..I wanted quietness and blog time.

I'm mainly posting this to give an online friend, Grace, a big congrats on getting her first horse, named Glory. :) Congratulations, Grace!!!! (You can find her here on Pinterest until she makes a blog of her own) Glory is beautiful and I know you'll have a wonderful future ahead with her. :)

 Glory is a 14.3 Rocky Mountain mare, who was a show horse but is now used for trails. She is western broke and has a 4 beat gait, in the words of Grace.

 If any of you all have advice for a first time horse owner, leave it below in a comment!! I know that Grace would love to read all of them.