Baby goats+Red tack+A horse named Red=A happy Kalin.

Today was the best day ever. Maybe not ever..the day I got Red may take the cake, but it was in my top ten list of best days. Let's have a short rundown..

We woke up to find these cutie patooties, one of which was not expected and caught us completely by surprise,

Still need a name for the grey one..she's a girl. Any ideas??

Then we went to a yardsale with tack and bought a halter for 2 bucks..barely used..and super nice. Probably cost about $30 at Tractor Supply. We may buy one of their saddles as well. Still contemplating. Anywho, went to Sonic, ate like pigs, then went to ze barn! Woot. Now more on what y'all care about...

When we got to the barn all of the horses were stalled and our barn friends were waiting on us so we could all ride together, well, mom, Ann and I..Ann's husband was going to ride the 4-wheeler and John was going to hang out around the barn with his colt. ^_^. So, got Red out, I tied him, groomed him out, fly sprayed and tacked up. Mom got Spirit out of the 4 acres and tacked him up..He has a problem with taking the bit so until we get his teeth floated and know he's not hurting, we'll use a hack. He can use both, but he does better with a snaffle. If that doesn't help him, we'll try a new bit! I went to use the new rubber nosed hackamore I bought for Red, but the bridle sat too close to his eyes and it looked uncomfortable, so I decided to wait until I put it on another bridle, so I just used the leather. He does fine with it, anyways.

Anyways, I checked for any new wounds on Red and allergy marks..nothing new. His tail looks awful but I'm still coating it with MTG and I don't think it'll get worse..
Waiting for me to mount. :)

Once we were all tacked up, Ann took the lead and I followed with Spirit and mom behind..Spirit acts bad following but mom is trying to get him settled, he's been doing better with it. Still not great, but way better. We went through the barn this time and went to the trails first, I took the lead then and I trotted through the majority of the trails until we got to a rockier area. Then we slowed down so Red wouldn't hurt himself or trip. We went up to the ten acre pasture with the subdivision around it and I cantered around through it alone for a few minutes. Red was wanting to race Patches, so I let him go neck and neck with her and cantered around for awhile until I decided to take a quick trot around the pasture alone.

Trotting around by ourselves for a second!

We cantered back to meet the others on the other side of the pasture and we rode around there for about thirty minutes and found a few pretty wild flowers. :) I took a couple more pictures but they haven't finished uploading. :P :P I'll post them later when they are done!

Red did so amazing.He had a few stubborn moments and I have a scratch down my shoulder from him taking me up a hill and into the woods when we were heading home, but that was kind of my fault because I didn't take charge and tell him no!

This was the first time we've ever really done more than a walk while on the  TRAILS. We've cantered in pastures but I've never gone faster than a walk on the actual trail and it was fun, although I have a few tiny "gashes" from tree limbs. ;)

I tested him a few times and made him turn around and go the opposite direction as everyone else..normally he'll act up but he did fine other than when we were heading back and I dropped the cellphone. Mom dismounted to get it because I didn't even notice until she said something and we knew that it would be a good test for Spirit to see how he'd do with her dismounting on the trail..he did fine, but when I turned Red around to help, he was NOT having it and bunny hopped a couple times, nothing major.

I haven't had to bring a crop with me in over a month, when I got him, I was told I'd ALWAYS have to have one or else he'd be stubborn. I haven't needed one in a long time. If he acts bad, all I have to do is say "NO!!" or show him my hand or rein and he stops. :)) :)) Yay for progress!!

I took him over a couple little logs and he managed to trot over them smoothly..This was kind of a trot pole test to see if he'd just run into them...I don't want to invest in trot poles if he is just going to run into them and trip. :P :P He did good though.

After about a two hour ride, we went back and untacked, and Red and I had a little photoshoot with his red tack! Ignore his lack of fly bonnet..It fell off when we were cantering and I just tied it to my saddle horn.
Wish I wore red too..

After every ride he stands there with his head wrapped around me. So cute!!
Selfies are good.

I have more but like I said above, they haven't finished uploading. I'll post them later. Stupid slow phone/email. :(

Once he was untacked I fly sprayed him again with the natural stuff we made because he was covered due to the sweat..Then I slathered MTG all in his tail and other bald spots. He still looks good considering how he looked last year. I'm considering buying a tail guard for his upper tail. Has anyone had any bad experiences with them???? He's rubbed one place raw. I hate seeing it like that.

All in all it was a fabulous day!! I'll post more baby goat pictures soon too..I think everyone should have to look at them. ;) Hopefully we'll have more tomorrow!!!!

Are you planning on riding this weekend? What will you do? What do you think of Red's new color? ;)

PS: I'll be doing a product review on the red leg wraps/boot thingies soon. Look out for that. And if I forget, hassle me about it. LOL!!


  1. For the gray goat....I'm going to say Lydia.She is adorable!

    1. Hey! I absolutely love your blog and Red. (of course) :) But I just wanted to let you know that Red's boots are on backwards! The black part goes on the inside of his leg. Here's a picture of my lesson horse Summer and I to hopefully explain better. Sorry it's not very good but it's the only one I could find. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/382338_594207127260064_153344879_n.jpg I don't know much about western riding and if that is the way they put the boots on then sorry! I'm learning how to jump and that's the way I've been taught. Anyways, I hope you're having a good day! :)

    2. Thank you. :) And yes, I know! Hahaha! We were on the trails and went through rocks and grass, and they are too large and twisted. They were on right the majority of the time. Lol!
      Have a nice day!
      PS: I love Summer, she's so pretty!