Answering your questions. :)

A lot of people have asked me a few random questions on Pinterest as of lately, and also a couple of people have sent them when they sent in their story..soo, thought I'd answer a few. :) I love doing the Q&A's and I know some of y'all actually *like* reading my answers. Sorry to those who don't. Lol!

What is your favorite horse product?-Right now, probably MTG. ;) ;) It keeps Red's hair silky and smooth and helps him from going bald! 

Do you want to become a professional horseback rider?-In the future, possibly. I don't want to become so busy that I don't even enjoy it anymore and it's like work to me. It is a dream though!

Have you fallen?-I've slid off, but that's it.

Have you ever galloped?-No, not yet. :) Red's gait is rough and I need to improve before I move to that!

Favorite horse store?-Chicks Saddlery. :) And Horse Emporium. And Horse.com. And Tractor Supply. :D

How many horses are at your barn?-Rough estimate..11???

Have you ever ridden English?-No, but I want to.

How often do you ride??-It varies. Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice, sometimes more. It totally depends on how busy we are. I get out to groom Red and check on him every day unless I am sick or something comes up. If that happens I call the owner of the barn to check on him. Hahaha

(This was asked a loong time ago but forgot to answer) Any 2013 resolutions?-I want to get in shape and become less.....anxious.

How many headstalls do you have? I've seen Red with a few different ones so I was curious!-Um, I have four I believe. Mom uses one of them on Spirit, I mostly use this one...

Favorite breed of horse?- Quarter horse. :) I love Apps, Thoroughbreds, Paints and Percheron's too. And Sugarbush Draft horses. ;)

You post more about Red than Spirit or Cowboy, why is he your favorite?- He is basically my baby. Lol!! I love Spirit and Cowboy but Red will always have a very deep place in my heart, he taught and is still teaching me how to ride, he is my best friend. I really can't say he's a better horse than Spirit or cuter than Cowboy, he is just perfect for me. There isn't a horse that could take his place. The reason he is my favorite is because he's Red. :)

Favorite brand of horse apparel?-By horse apparel I'm guessing you meant horseback riding clothes..It really depends. I love Wrangler for jeans and Ariats for boots and etc.

Gelding, stallion or mare?-GELDING. They aren't HORMONAL. And stallions are great, but I'm not a good enough rider for one unless it's super calm. 

First horse you ever rode?-A pony named Squeeky....Owned by my aunt who owned Red.
RIP Squeeky!!
Have questions? Ask them below or email a bunch to me and I'll answer. :)

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