Spunky Red??

So, as soon as my parents got home and I was free to go to the barn and ride, it started raining.. Totally unexpected. So, I look on the radar and see that it's a tiny storm. Phew!!! So, it stops raining soon enough and mom and I are off! :D

Red was actually in his stall, so I got his bridle and reins and put the bridle on in the stall and led him out to the place in the front of the barn where we tie him. John, the owner of the farm, was sitting there so we got to talk a little. Red got all brushed out and stood still for us.
Standing still while we tack him up like a good pony!!!

 Then we tacked him up and took him to the main pasture behind the barn that leads to the other pastures and trails. We attempted to take a "glam" shot, but the sun was making it hard. We ended up getting one good picture.
Looking off into the sunset!!!

 Mom and I doubled for a few minutes and walked around some trails we hadn't ridden on before, Red pooped a total of three times and peed once, he always does this when we ride, and we spotted four bunnies. Red adored the rabbits and one of them even let him put his head really close to it. Then it scurried off and Red seemed unfazed by the bouncy rabbit.

After about fifteen, twenty, maybe twenty five minutes, mom hopped off and we went to the ten acre pasture to ride. I moved in front and rode solo for awhile. I've definitely decided that he works better with a rubber nosed hack!! I used my leather one today, and while he did great, he was a lot more stubborn and didn't listen all that well. So, I am going to be investing in a rubber nosed hackamore soon!! Also, you'll notice I used "ole blacky" as I've named my black saddle. No, I didn't use my nice, new, brand name barrel saddle. Why, you ask? I prefer ole blacky. It's so much more comfortable, and while the other one helps me maintain a good seat while he trots, I still like my old saddle the best. :)
Bay Ears!!!!

He did really good today, really wanted to gallop!! He was being really spunky today!!! Quite amazing.. I remember a time when he refused to even trot!!! Crazy how energetic he's getting!
Cut off my head because I looked terrible. ;)

He has officially gone beyond my expectations for his appearance. I had a few goals for him body and look wise, and he has exceeded them!!! He looks SOOO amazing!! Doesn't even look like the same horse.
My favorite.

Doesn't he look amazing??? Such a gorgeous color!!!

Anywho, I'm going to start finding some PVC pipes to make trot poles with soon and hopefully find a video camera so I can record me riding sometime. :) Great ride today, very happy!!!

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