Itchy tails.

Red's tail is going bald again.

He's rubbing it again and I'm going crazy!! Ahhh! It was looking SO. GOOD!! It's not as bad as it was, and I smothered it with MTG..I'm tempted to buy a tail guard by I've heard it mostly stunts the hair growth, anyone know anything about them?

Anywho, other than that, he looks great still..Skin-So-Soft fly spray isn't bothering him! Yayy!!! Plus it works just as good as my Endure spray I had been using before I cut the spray out.

Yesterday, we went to the barn twice, once in the morning-which I posted about-and then in the evening. We stayed out at the barn for a good 2 or 3 hours the second time because we let Spirit out with the others. :D Before I talk about that, I want to talk about Redman. ;)

When we got there, mom went up to go see if a fly mask that she "customized" fit, so I brought Red to the front to groom him out and give him a few cuddles. ;) I brought him out, fly sprayed him, then brushed him out and combed his tail/mane out really good and then put MTG on his random bald spots..On his tail, a place on his jawline where a wet halter rubbed, a small bald place on his butt where he scratched and a couple tiny bite marks from the other horses. Then, I randomly decided to measure him. I measured him a couple months ago when he was much skinnier and he was 15 HH even! I thought he seemed bigger, so I measured him again. Guess how tall he is???

15.2!! WOOT! He obviously hasn't GROWN, but his back has filled out so much and he's less scrawny..Two inches! We measured a good ten times that first time, and double checked this time. We even wrote his height down before. Craziness!
Red: "I know I'm cute, but I'm kind of hungry and I want a treat out of that bucket in there!"

Has anyone had a horse get taller after gaining a lot of muscle???

Anywho, we snuggled for awhile longer, took a few pictures and we both smelled like Skin-So-Soft and bacon grease afterwards...Stupid MTG.


After our grooming session, I put him back in the stall so he could have some dinner. John-the owner of the barn and of a colt named Raven!!-snuck some treat crumbs into his feed bucket...I think he has gained a friend forever in Red...
"I know it's food time!!"

After that, mom brought Spirit's bucket up to him and we sat around the front of the barn-well, I sat in Redman's stall for a couple minutes-and waited for everyone to finish. After that, we let everyone out, I cuddled with a mustang,
This dude..
then we walked up to Spirit's pasture, opened the gate and waited for something bad to happen. And waited. And waited.

Nothing happened.

They just ate grass and occasionally looked up at the new guy.

Jericho, the second leader of the herd-also the mustang-who had given us the most trouble just walked away and went to the trails! Phew!!! Checked on Spirit this morning and he's fine! I don't even have any pictures to share because NOTHING. HAPPENED. They just sat around. And ate. Even CHIP did good!
"grrrrrr...I'm the bratty Chipadoodle!"
Hopefully it'll stay calm!!

Hoping to ride this weekend. :) Will visit probably every day, though...


  1. Might want to check him for worms - that can be a reason they rub tails.

  2. We've checked him and also worm him regularly, so it's not worms. That was one of our thoughts in the beginning, but it's ruled out now. :)