I just want to hug your face.

So, went to the barn this morning to put sunscreen on Spirit's nosey and check on everyone. We went last night before and after church..They had to take the other horses out of the pasture where Spirit is currently at because he was so tired from being bullied and needed a break. We'll put the others back in today, but we knew he needed a little while to rest.
Forgive the horrible selfie..It was dark and the lighting was horrible.
I didn't see Red yesterday, sadly! He was off in the back pasture and since it was so late I decided to just let him go and play with his buddies.

When we got there today everyone was out in front chilling, so mom went up to Spirit and I got out to see Redhead. They were all out in the sun taking a nap, so Red was being particularly cuddly and sweet..Not that he isn't sweet all the time. ;)
This picture is pretty unflattering to me..But Red looks cute. ;)
Chilling out in front of the round pen!
My attempt at a artistic mane picture.

Everyone's doing good. We've been to the barn every day for the past week, that's always nice. :) If it gets cool enough, I'm going to go out and ride this week. Mom needs to bathe Spirit, so while she does that I may tack Red up and work him in the round pen or up in the four acres if it's not crowded. Going to  buy some PVC pipe *hopefully* this next week and I'm going to make trot poles. :D
Kind of nervous about this, hopefully Red will actually walk/trot over them instead of running into them and tripping. Lol!


  1. Sweet pictures!! Red's eyes are so big and dark!! And the mane picture was very artistically beautiful!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! He has really large and soulful eyes, I love them!

  2. Love the pictures!! :) I have a few trot poles. I had them set up one day and I was riding over them, well trying to. Flicka had other ideas. She just decided to jump over them... It was fun after the whole initial 'Holy crap. I'm going to die!' moment... :) But the reason she jumped over them, was because they were too close together... :)

    1. Lol!!! Red wouldn't jump, he'd just run into them. Hahaha! I walked him over a small branch and he acted like he was going to jump it, cantering and everything, he stops, snorts, looks at me and walked around it! Lol!!!