I'm seeing spots.

You horse people may be able to decipher what the title means, or maybe not. Allow me to explain.

I've been posting pictures of Appaloosa's for sale on my mother's facebook page for months because I knew she REALLY wanted another Appaloosa again. She grew up with Appaloosa's, and while she had pretty much every other well known breed-Arab's, Quarters, App's, Welsh's, "Mutts", and more-her favorite's were ALWAYS the Appaloosa's. Finally, I found one and I really liked it. It wasn't just an Appaloosa and I just said, "Hey, here's an Appaloosa." and it was pretty, the end. No, this was a cool looking horse and by the way the girl described him, he was a pretty good horse for my mom. She studied the ad for DAYS and kept the phone in her hand, trying to decide if she wanted to call. Step-daddy wasn't a problem-He had been wanting a third horse-counting our mini-and was all for it. So, she called. We set up a time to meet but rain ruined that, so we canceled. Mom was bummed. We called again, set up a time for Sunday, which was also rainy, but not as bad. After church, we ran home, ate, changed and called them to let them know we were on our way. They said another person was coming "any time" so we RUSHED to this place about 40 minutes away, we beat the people and got there faster, mom and I said hi to the horse, which we decided to rename "Spirit" because his current name, "Echo" didn't seem to fit him and mom didn't like it, and mom got to tack him up and ride for a couple minutes in the rain. He has a LOT more spirit than Redman, but that's good for mom because she likes a little more "umph" in her horses.

We put a down payment on him and he's being delivered to the barn today, and will be paid off today. :D:D :D

Want to see pictures? I'm sure you all do.

So, without further adieu, here is Spirit.
Notice the blue eye.
Mom is saying, "Kalin, it's raining, why are you taking so many pictures of ME? Just get Spirit in them, crop my face off."
Look on the left side...Yep. Another blue eye. That one is half blue half brown.
Unlike Redman, he uses a bit, but can be used in a hack. Mom will use a snaffle.
There's the half brown/blue eye. Nice forelock for an Appaloosa, too.
This picture was posted above, but I edited this one and made the lighting better.
 So, I guess I'll have to make another "About" page above and do one for this dude!

Until I get to that, here are some facts.

Name: Spirit
Show name: Don't think he has one, but not sure. It wasn't important for mom, she just wanted a trail buddy.
Gender: Gelding
Age: 8
Breed: Appaloosa.
Height: We don't have an exact height right now, but he is probably just above 14 hands.
Hooves: barefoot
Bit?: Uses pretty much any kind of bit. We'll try a snaffle at first and see how we like it.

Will be posting more pictures this evening. He's being trailered to our barn and we'll probably put Red in the pasture with him and lock them in together. The pasture is over 4 acres and it's supposed to be sunny and nice weather, so they can be in there safely. We need to go slow or else Spirit will be beat up more than needed, especially by Hercules and Chip.
Chip says: There's only room for two Appaloosas, me and my girlfriend, Spirit! I'm gonna beat you up!

Hercules says: I just like biting ponies.
Red will do good with him, he's perfect. ;D
Looking forward to see how this goes!!! I'll probably go down and see Red early so I can get a ride in or something. :) will post later about how everything went.

Also, my prayers are with everyone affected by the tornadoes, and every one of the horses. I hope none of you guys have been affected in any way. This is a terrible tragedy, I have no words!! I'm going to add a tag on my post titled, "Prayers for Oklahoma" and I would love to see that tag on your next post if you can do so. Maybe us bloggers can make it viral or something. :)