I have an obsession and that obsession is tack.

Soo.....I bought Red yet another halter today..What??? There was a cute turquoise one at Tractor Supply Co. and it was calling my name!! "Kaaaaliiin!! Red would loooooove this!"

So I splurged.
And it's cute and huge and teal and bright and pretty.

And Eeyore looks pretty snazzy with it on. But he makes everything look good, so.

I wanted to get a conformation picture, but this was the best I could do...

Sorry if the picture is really large....I had to take it with the phone sideways. Lol!!! Doesn't he look great?? Let's do a quick comparison, shall we?
May 3rd, 2013. Once again, I apologize if the picture is huge. Keep in mind he is still VERY wooly here as it was still cold. He's lost all of that fuzzyness now and is slick.

Looks better, am I right??

We went out to the barn to drop some stuff off and chill out. I got Red out to groom him while step-daddy, mom, little bro and John, the owner of the barn, sat and talked. Red and I listened to some music and I broke down and used a little fly spray on him.

 I couldn't help it.

Old followers will know that Red has a minor allergic to fly spray, minor as in it doesn't hurt him, but some of his hair falls off, then he recovers in about a week if you don't use any more and use it very little. I haven't used it nor had to and I was planning on getting a natural spray to use, but haven't had a chance to ask my vet about it. He's been fine until tonight, and his legs were covered with the pesky bugs and I couldn't stand it, so I sprayed a TINY amount of Zonk It! on his legs and they finally went away, mostly at least. I was at the point of not caring how his legs look, I'm NOT going to let my horse be tortured by bugs just because I'm too paranoid about a bald spot. Going to get garlic powder and Apple Cider Vinegar to put in his food tomorrow which helps prevent flies and will be making a natural spray. Wish me luck.

PS: if you have a "recipe" for a spray, tell meeeee!! I NEED the ideas. And Red would like them too.
What kind of horse girl would I be if I didn't sneak in some pictures of us???

Mom took this one, way better. Plus we match!!! Hahahaha!

He stood still like a champ during the grooming. I got his mane/forelock and tail all brushed out and smoothed. His mane is so long now!!! Yay!! He wasn't dirty at all, just a little sweaty with some mud spots on him, so I only spent a few minutes on the brushing and spent the rest of the time hugging on him. :)

Going to post some more tomorrow, exciting stuff going on that I REALLY want to post about but I can't yet!!! Hopefully I'll get the go-ahead tomorrow. If I get it before then, even if it's 2 AM, I'll post! Rofl!

Til then!


  1. Red looks so pretty in his new halter! I love the color!!

  2. Replies
    1. It tends to be popular with us Equestrians!!

  3. I tried the apple cider vinegar+garlic mixture without success, both in feed and as a spray. Citronella has such a short lifespan that it is also useless. However, maybe the vinegar will work for you - that'd be nice.

    1. The vinegar in his feed seemed to help him when we first brought him home, but the bugs at my house were not as bad as they are at the barn I now board at, so I'm not sure how it will do. I've been told that the pine sol-Spelling?-and something else mixed with it is a good, gentle spray, but I'm going to ask my vet about it before I use it because some horses have allergic reactions such as hives and etc. Thanks for the tips. :)