"Did you seriously just rear?"

Cowboy is a brat.

I normally post about Red, I know, but today I had a need to post about Cowboy. Due to quite awful weather and a busy week, I didn't get to see Red this past weekend, but I did get to the barn quite a few times and rode once, which is really all Red needs, I of course would prefer to ride daily, but I can't do that. Hopefully this Summer I can get to the barn WAY more often!! I have a lot of plans for the Red-head, and I am going to get my step-dad to build me some trot poles for him....ANYWHO, back on the brat.

We have an acre of so fenced in where the chickens, Cowboy and my labrador, Molly, stay. I walked up to the pasture to say hello to Cowboy and he was acting pretty sweet, he allowed me to get the gunk out of his eyes and fix his halter, I needed to make it looser. One of the goats on the other side of the fence starting 'bah-ing at me, so I went over to her and turned away from Cowboy. I turned back around and I see a hoof about an inch from my face. I grabbed his halter, pushed him back down and he took off running, he started bucking and tried to chase my Lab down, but she ended up by my side, barking at the crazy horse and keeping him away from me! So, I find a big stick and put it in front of me to warn Cowboy to stay away, and my mom comes out, takes the stick and he tries to bite her, so she taps his butt with the stick, just like you would do with a crop, she did it very lightly, it didn't hurt him at all, just scared him a little, and he ran to the chicken coop. We walked out of the pasture and I told Molly to go to the back porch. We have a small hole in the fence that she can fit through to hop down to the backporch and hang out to stay away from the horse if she needs a break. Once she was settled down and made sure Cowboy wasn't coming to me, she followed my orders and went to the porch.

Cowboy is a mini, and he is indeed small, but trust me, those hooves hurt just as bad as a big horse's. He CAN do damage, and if I hadn't look back, he would've nailed me on the back and I probably would've been at the hospital with a couple broken bones. He's a stud, about three years old, and hasn't really had any training yet. We've only had him for a little while. I'm going to start training soon and if he continues to act this way, he'll be punished! :)) I'm going to invest in a whip as a warning. I hate people hitting the horse's with crops and whips, but sometimes a tap is necessary. Don't comment and say anything bad about the whip because I use it as an extension of the arm, not cruelly, and I will NOT, I repeat NOT, let my horses rule over me and do this garbage. Especially when there are tons of kids around him. If he were Red, I'd do the same thing.

Makes me thankful for my chill Quarter Horse.
The trouble-maker.
My angel. :)) :))

Edit: Please remember that Cowboy is a young horse, untrained and a stallion. He was not meaning to hurt me, or be mean. He was playing.

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