Day 24

Day 24: Your best riding buddy: I have two! My mother, and a lady who also boards at the barn where Red stays. :)

My mother, a previous barrel racer with a love for crazy, speedy horses. She often talks about all of her horses, but the Appaloosa's are the ones that really left a hoof print on her heart. Especially one named Beauty, an ironically ugly Appaloosa with a rat tail, pink face and no mane, But that horse could run. She first saw Beauty when she was heading to a rodeo, a lady was barrel racing her and mom fell in love. My Papaw, always eager to give his girls whatever he could, bought Beauty and gave her to my mother. Mom competed with Beauty, and did everything with her. She owned several other Appaloosa's, one named Cherokee, which was a snow blanketed app.
My great-grandfather riding Cherokee.

My mom also owned Go Cash Go, nicknamed Cash, who was related to my Red. Cash's nickname was "Slow Cash Slow" and he would rear if you tried to make him gallop. She has owned several horses. :)
Mom on her old horse Snickers with my oldest brother, Chris, now 26, in front of her.

Mom's horses were ripped away, and for years, she swore she'd never own another, even though she still loved them so much. She owned mini's for awhile, but she always said she would never own a large horse. Then, Red came into our life. Red needed us. My Aunt needed us. She HAD to find him a home and soon. So, mom said okay, and she owned a horse again. She put the responsibility on me, of course, she helped, I had never owned a horse before, so I needed all the advice I could get. She rode with me the first few times, but would NOT get attached. She's said this before, she would NOT get attached to another horse. It took weeks, but finally, I saw Red walk up to her, give his signature high pitched neigh and rest his head against her, and she smiled at me. I knew. She had fallen in love with Red just as quickly as I did. She got past those hard times, got past losing so many horses that meant so much, and she decided to love another once again.

Patches and mom.
gaining some speed!

My second riding buddy is Ann, a lady who boards her horses at the barn I board Red at.

All of her horses are rescues, and she's one of those people that, when she buys/rescues an animal, it has a forever home. Just recently her horse Dixie, a 24+ year old horse had to be put down.
Ann in front, riding Patches, her Appy.

Red's ears and Patches! :D
She owns Jericho, a mustang, Tucker, unknown breed, Bay-Bay, a Quarter, I believe, Patches, Appaloosa, Bella, a TWH, and I believe that's it! Hard to keep count! ;)
Without her help, Red would not look as great as he does now. She is the one that feeds, waters, and takes care of the horses the most. She's pretty much the boss around the barn! Lol! So, thanks Ann! :D

I'm going riding this evening, after my baby-sitting job is over. My mom and step-dad are meeting up with one of my mom's oldest riding buddies to have lunch, so I'm watching "Petey" so they can go out and have a peaceful morning!!! But afterwards, I'm barn bound!! Hallejuah. It's been a few days, and I HAVE to get a fix! Lol!!! Due to rain and bad circumstances, I haven't been able to get out there. :P Red probably thinks I retired him. ;) Anywho, look forward to pictures later! Little Petey is gettin' fussy, so I must go!


  1. Really nice you and your Mom both enjoy riding :)

    1. It makes riding a lot more fun! :)