Horse Rescues & Blogs

Hola guys! I haven't been able to ride since last Sunday, so there isn't a lot to say. Red's back legs that I talked about being stiff a couple weeks ago are 100% fine now. One of the older horses is lame so they put her in the pasture with the three babies and Red-man is in there with her. He's one of the horses that loves the babies and acts more like a mommy-mare than a gelding. Lol! So, he's doing good! My parents are at a foster care training today so I'm baby-sitting the little bro and waiting for them to get back around noon-ish, then we're hoping to be able to head over to a horse rescue called Horse Haven and maybe see some of the horses and etc. Hopefully I'll get to ride today or tomorrow...My mother offered to pay me for babysitting but I told her I'd rather go ride. Hahah!

One of her horses named Flicka.
There is another horse blogger that is almost up to 1,000 views, I'd love for y'all to head on over there and say hello or just give her a couple views! :) http://inredlipstick.blogspot.com/ Her blog is great and so are her horses! :)


  1. Glad his legs are no longer stiff!

    1. Me too! :) He managed to somehow hurt himself again, but it's nothing huge. He scratched himself somehow where his girth would go and it's a little swollen. :P