Alphabet challenge.

I got this idea from CanIhaveapony.blogspot.com (Another great blog!!) and what she is doing is, every day, she writes something about her horse or barn or something horse related in general and she themes it around the letters. Confusing? Sounds like it with the way I'm wording it...Lol! Anywho, here's the first day...

A-Anxiety cure?

As some of y'all may know, I suffer from very bad anxiety. I worry about every little thing. I make myself sick, I have headaches due to tension, I am just awful. One day I was having a REALLY awful day, I was stressed to the max and was about a second away from a really, really bad anxiety attack. I won't go into details of what happened,  but I will say, it was awful and I swore I'd never put myself in that bad circumstance ever again. 

Afterwards, I went to the barn. I had to get away. Get out of the house. Go outside. DO something to take my mind off of everything bad that happened. So I put my cowboy hat on, grabbed a few treats for Red, put my mud-proof boots on and I was out.

When we got there I ran straight to Red's stall where he was about to eat and sat on the ground next to him as he munched happily on the grain mixed with sweet feed. Finally, I rested my head against the wall and closed my eyes, then, I felt a breath of air on my face, I opened my eyes and Red was about an inch away from my face. He dropped his head in my lap and ignored his food. This is a sign, guys. He knew something was up with his owner and he abandoned his FOOD for me. That says a lot for a piggy horse! He offered comfort and I took it eagerly.

Within minutes, he had me smiling while he nibbled at my hat and tried to knock it off.

Once someone on Facebook decided to say something bad about Red and said I was too obsessed with horses, that I was going to far. They then decided to talk about how much better their tiny little dog was and how their dog was far smarter than Red and offered more comfort. Then they dared to complain about my constant pictures on FB and how I "whine" when I don't get to ride often. I of course stuck up for Red and told them their sissy little doggy doesn't give me peace, this guy does. I won't go into details but I was enraged and it took everything in me not to delete her and be done with it then. But I stood up for Red, and told her she could say whatever she wants about me, but don't you dare say anything about him.

He is my peace, my comforter and my passion. I don't know where I would be without him. He's truly a gift from God and I cherish him more than anything in this world.

He is my cure.

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  1. Sweet post. I get anxious too sometimes, and having a steady animal in your life can really help.