Hard days.

Okay, so, y'all know I took pictures yesterday, but I didn't go into details of the visit. I could not go into the details without breaking down and sobbing.

Dixie had to be put down.

The vet and a few other people came out to check on the leg, and it's worse. It turns out that there was something serious wrong, several things are possible, all of them would cost thousands of dollars in vet bills and she would be living in pain. She was 20 something years old and a rescue. She lived a great older life with Ann, and this choice was the best. She wasn't drinking. She wasn't eating. Her eyes, previously so soulful and wise looking lacked happiness. As I write this I'm trying not to cry. Dixie was the little old lady of the barn, and I dread the depression that I know Red will feel when he realizes his girl is gone. His girl that he protected. He became the leader of two horses, Dixie and Bay, now, he only has Bay. I went down there yesterday evening to say goodbye to her, and she put her head on my chest and let out a huff. The owner of the barn, mom and I both cried, and I had to leave. I ran out to find Red, and he let me cry while I hugged his neck. I took a few of those pictures to just get my mind off of it. I couldn't think about it anymore. Keep the owner of Dixie in your thoughts and prayers, she had a very rough day yesterday not only because of Dixie but with other things. The whole barn will miss that loveable girl.

Bella, the filly that was recently bought, will take over as the buckskin of the barn. :) When we were there, I noticed Bella standing there, and I had to smile. Bella looks and even acts a lot like Dix. It's like Dixie is leaving a legacy of some sort.
Rest in peace Dixie, you were loved by so many. The vet, the farrier, the people at the barn, the horses, friends, we will all miss you!