E-Eeyore & Day 3 of 30 day challenge.


My Red has many nicknames. Rhett, Red-man, Red-head(His most popular one), Slowpoke, Turkey, Donkey, Mule, Cashy....But his oldest nickname, that I gave him, anyways, is Eeyore.
Why Eeyore, you ask? Because Red constantly has the above face on when he sees a saddle, and for the first few minutes of riding-before he gets into it-he looks like this: 

If Red had a voice, I'd imagine he'd sound like Eeyore. 

Another reason for the nickname is because of Red's mane when we first got him. It looked like a mohawk, just like Eeyore's. Red also had half of a tail, like Eeyore. All in all, I think if Eeyore was real, he and Red would get along just fine.

Oh, and it's also day 3 of the 30 day challenge! Today I'm supposed to post a picture of "my best riding". So here we go.
 Not a great picture, but that day, I finally got over my fear of his awful trot, I kept my heels down the whole time, and my reining was great. :) My posture was almost always good, and I just had tons of fun trotting around the pasture with my Eeyore!!


Question: Do you have nicknames for your horses?


  1. My nickname for Dani is booger....don't know why but I also call my dogs that. I sometimes also call her my little diva.

    1. I have several other names for all of my animals, even the chickens. Lol!

  2. Replies
    1. Red acts just like him, so funny! Unless he's on sweetfeed, then Red gets super hot and won't calm down... :)) He's currently a little hyped up due to the sweet feed we have him on and Spring weather. :))