D-Dancing with my horse & Day 2 of the 30 day challenge.

Wow! The letter "D" was quite difficult!!!

D-Dancing with my horse.

The man who owns the land that I board Red at is a super, super nice older man with a killer 1999 yellow Porsche and a TN Walker colt. Every time he see's me out riding, he puts his radio out and plays one of my favorite kind of music loudly. After he heard I enjoyed hearing the music when I rode, he made sure he always had it playing for me. I love riding to music. It helps me get a rhythm going quickly and it just makes everything more fun! Red's trot is really rough, and I swear, when he hears the music he really has a better rhythm to his step! My favorite kind of music to ride to is 1940's/1950's kind of swing music. It works really well with Red and I. :) The other day, John, the owner of the land, started playing Elvis and I was like, "YES!" :)) I thoroughly enjoy dancing with my horse. ;)

Kind of a lame post, I know. 

Anywho, it's day 2 of the 30 day challenge and today I'm supposed to post a picture of my horse! It was hard picking a favorite out of all my pictures.
This is before he started shedding out, so he's pretty stinking fluffy. He's so cute! :) And since I couldn't just post one, here's another favorite-
Nothing like a good ole roll after a long ride on the trails. :)

Question: Do you like riding with music? Is your horse a "roller"?


  1. I love riding to music, but have to use headphones which annoy me. I usually leave one in and one ou so I can still hear the hoof beats.

    1. I keep meaning to bring my iPod and headphones to the barn so I can ride to different kinds of music, but I always forget! Lol!