C-Checking in & 30 day challenge.

Okay, so, the letter "C" was really hard for some reason! Excuse the not so great title.

C-Checking in. 

Yesterday evening, well, night, before it got too dark, we went out to the barn to check on the horse that's really lame and got some relieving news. The owner explained it on the phone and there was something wrong with a blood vessel. She was told to keep the leg in wraps and keep putting icepacks and what-not on it, keep her on the anti-biotic and ointment for the swelling and she should be just fine. We were all so worried for this horse. She's really like the grandmother of the barn.

 Those pictures of her are from less than two weeks ago. I meant to take some yesterday but as soon as I was done checking on her I had to rush down to Red who was slowly coming towards Dixie so I could check on his minor wound and slightly balding chest. I was happy to note that the swelling had gone down a LOT on his chest and when I felt around his scabby chest I thought it felt a little better and less bumpy. The owner of Dixie-oh, her name is Ann, lol!-had put some MTG on him for me and his chest was still wet because of it, so my hand ended up smelling like MTG. And to those of you who don't know what it smells like, BACON GREASE. I smelt like I just coated my hand with pure bacon grease. Lovely. :) Anywho, once I was done, Red went straight up to Dixie in her stall and went in behind her, put his head on her back for a few minutes, then the babies started coming and he ran them off first, let me get a hug goodbye and took off towards them to keep them away from poor Dix in her stall. My boy is such a gentleman.
 That's what Red says on the matter. 

Oh, and almost forgot! Today begins the 30 day challenge! Today's challenge is to post a picture of you and your horse, so here we go:

 This is the day we first met. Can you spot out the differences in my Red-head?


  1. His mane and tail have gotten so much longer!! MTG does smell like bacon grease. It stinks!! We use it during the summer. I'll do the 30 day challenge too!!

    1. I'm so excited about his hair! Woot! It smells so terrible. Ann says it smells like the stuff men used to put in their afros. Lol! Most random thing ever! Can't wait to see your posts for the 30 day! :D

  2. MTG is the weirdest thing to me. The smell freaks me out every time.

    1. It's so nasty! But hey, it works wonders!