30 Day Challenge!!!

I know I'm already doing the alphabet challenge, but I thought this one would be fun and easy to do. Here are the challenges for each day:

1. A picture of you and your horse.
2. A picture of your horse.           
3. A picture of your best riding.
4. A horse that impacted your life.
5. The last time you rode your horse and what you did.
6. Your most accomplished horse.
7. Your best ribbon.
8. A little about the barn/stable you are at.
9. Any injuries you have gotten from riding.
10. How does your family and friends feel about your riding?
11.  Find a sale horse online that you want to buy.
12. Favorite horse color.
13. A picture of your worst riding.
14. Your dream barn/farm.
15. If you could say something to any one horse, what would you say?
16. Your most recent fall.
17. Your equestrian idol.
18. Your favorite horse show picture.
19. A discipline you would like to try.
20. Your favorite horse show.
21. Your favorite schooling outfit.
22. Describe the importance of riding in your life.
23. First horse you rode.
24. Your best riding buddy.
25. Your dream trailer
26. Biggest riding pet peeve.
27.  You know your an equestrian when.... list 5 things.
28. Helmet or no helmet.
29. Favorite brands... boots, breeches, tops, helmets etc.
30. Your future with horses. 

If you have a horse blog, I'd love for you to post the link in the comment box below and do it with me! :) I'll be starting in either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. :)

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