FINALLY! Here are the awaited pictures from yesterday's visit to the barn. They aren't super good because it was so muddy and we couldn't really get too close to the horses without getting muddy.
He saw me coming and started fake sleeping. :P "Shh, ma, you can't ride me right now!! I'm nappin'!"

SO. MUDDY. :P Poor guy. He always manages to get the top of his eye dirty!!

Love em!

Normally not overly fond of black and white pics, but I like this!

Me and my boy!!!
Rainbow Patches.... :D

The bratttttty Hercules!!!

My step-sister Lauren and Hercules. She tripped and almost fell and Hercules (normally not the loving type) literally RAN to her and started being so loving and sweet. :)) :)

Me making an awkward face while loving on Chip. He kept trying to bite and over-power me, so I did what calms Red down, rubbed his face super lightly. By the time I was done, his eyes were shut and he was leaning into me. WOO! I feel accomplished and like a horse whisperer.  :D :D


  1. I love these pictures... 'I'm a horse whisperer!" I love that. Flicka always gets mud over her eye and on her shoulders by her mane where it's hardest to get off. She likes to make things complicated :P but I love her anyway :)

    1. I love it too! :) Red does the same thing!!!!

  2. It's sooo annoying around fair, 'cause you have to give them baths all the time, and brush them constantly to keep them clean. Last year in one of my halter classes it was cloudy and we had a few people left and it started pouring! We all got soaked and the horses got muddy. We were going to have to have the rest of the show in the cattle barn but it's just too small and the next classes were Walk-Trot and Pleasure. So they just postponed the show until 3. Which kind of sucked because it was like 12, then we ended up hanging around the fairgrounds for 3 hours. Normally we're there all day anyway for 5 days. It's long and tiring. We used to be able to take the horses home during the week, but the fair board complained about the people who want to see the horses don't get to see them. Our barn at the grounds is the oldest barn there, and the corner stalls always get flooded and muddy, so the unlucky person's horse there gets muddy. Last year it was my horse, Firefly. She was super muddy. But oh well. I want it to be summer so I can start NISCA and fair. I miss it a lot!!