Hand-Me-Down Tack.

So, my mom has this pretty black saddle that my Papaw gave her a good few years ago (And he bought it used, so it's pretty old) and turns out it's still in great condition, especially now that we got it all cleaned up and washed off, and she decided to give it to me to use, and since Red is also partially her horse, we're both really excited to put it to good use again and keep from spending TONS of money on a new saddle.... :) The saddle is great, it's solid black tooled leather, and there is a flower design covering it. The seat is in great condition, too, pretty surprising since it's suede. It even has a gun holster, which I won't use for a gun, but I could probably put my crop in it. (Just for the record, I ONLY use a crop because Red is very lazy and just won't go without a little slap, it does not hurt him. Normally, if he just feels me holding it, he knows to do what I say.)

I'm pretty tacked obsessed, and I was immediately like "I MUST BUY HIM A HALTER!" because I love all bridles. Obsessed, that I am. So, mom showed me her old halter that she used on one of her horses. It's purple and green (more like burgundy and green, actually, it's an odd color.) and it has the word "Sunday" monogrammed on it, which is the only downside, since, ya know, Red's name isn't Sunday. :)  So, anyways, my aunt is also giving me a Hackamore (Bitless bridle, since Red doesn't take a bit) so I'm pretty much set up! It's awesome because I don't have to spend money on bridles, saddles, saddle pads (Mom has an old blue, yellow and black plaid saddle pad, really cute and well made) and all that stuff. The only thing I've had to buy is a crop which I got for 7 dollars at a local Co-Op! I'll probably buy some tack eventually because I'm tack obsessed, but for now, I have the things I need. :)

So, do you have any fun tack? Any hand-me-downs in there?

Also, just a bit of a happy thing, my step-dad is making me a saddle rack. :)

There's a bad picture of the saddle, it's cleaned up now and looks a ton better. 

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