So, as you guys know, I have a mini horse named Barbie who we got to kind of clear up our land some, and to just have as a companion of sorts. Now that we are getting Red we will probably have to get rid of her due to lack of room, but we of course will be extremely picky on who gets her. :)

When we got her, the people said that she was 100% tame, they said she had been used for many, many, many birthday parties and has been ridden by children a lot. Well, we got there (We drove for over an hour) to find them CHASING after her, one girl was on a bigger horse (Actually, it was a pony, but like an inch away from being considered a horse) trying to "Herd" her to a person who was waiting to be able to grab her. They apologized, told us she NEVER runs, and that a bigger horse bit her. (They blamed a bigger Appaloosa, who was actually following us around and kept resting it's head on our shoulders, definitely not a horse you would expect to bite another horse!)

So, we finally get her calmed down a little, but we still couldn't get her calm enough to be able to pet her or anything like that, but we saw how pretty she was, and decided that if they hadn't tried to herd her she would probably have been calmer because just a few minutes later she started grazing with another mini they had, and the girl on the pony was able to start petting her. We told them we'd take her, and later in the week, she was delivered. :)

When she got home, we were outside with her almost 24/7. Getting her used to us, leading her around the land so she would get used to her new surroundings, and spoiling her rotten. Showing her we weren't going to hurt her was our first thing to do.

After awhile, I decided to get her on the lead and get her used to me leading her around. Let's just say getting her lead back on was a disaster, she ran, she tried to buck, she tried to rear, she tried to bite, but finally, after over an hour of chasing her and trying to get her on the darned lead, I finally got her. Then, she was pretty calm.

Her skin was pretty bad, and she had worms, but I really don't blame the people who had her previously because they had just gotten her not too long ago, and her problem probably went pretty far back. They had decided that they just didn't have the time for her that they thought they had.

We did a lot of rehabilitating. Now, she is one of the most gorgeous horses you'd ever want to see, and she is the most pesky, annoying mini's ever. She follows me around and let's me put her lead on pretty easily now, even though she could still use a little work. She let's the kids ride her, and her mane and tail are in much better shape.

Love can go a long ways, so can spoiling. :)

Miss. Barbie. This is my favorite picture of her. (She has two blue eyes, very rare for minis)

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